Charlotte Davis

Charlotte Davis
I’m Charlotte Davis, an editor at TheCollector and contributing writer from Portland, Oregon now based in London, England. I’m an art historian with extensive knowledge in art history, classics, ancient art and archaeology.

Dadaism: 10 Iconic Artworks From The Dada Art Movement

  Dadaism was an avant-garde artistic and cultural movement prompted by the European societal climate after World War I. It was a rejection of modern...

Expressionism: 10 Iconic Paintings & Their Artists

Expressionism as an art movement can be very broad and difficult to characterize. It spans across different countries, mediums, movements and periods. Expressionist art...

Timeline of Ancient Greek Art & Sculpture

A deeper look into the development of ancient Greek art and sculpture through time, covering various styles, forms and mythological contexts.

Timeline of Ancient Greek Art & Architecture

An overview of Ancient Greek art, including painting, sculpture and architecture, and a look at how it changed over the years.

Mary Cassatt: An Iconic American Impressionist

  Mary Cassatt was born into a life that she did not feel suited to. Despite being raised and expected to be a wife and...

Cleopatra: The Last Queen of Ancient Egypt (Facts Explained)

Cleopatra VII is sometimes lost in glamorized depictions. Find more insight into the real queen of Egypt through the details of her life and reign.

Asclepius: The Greek God Of Medicine (Facts Explained)

The story of the Greek god Asclepius provides fascinating insights into ancient medicine and his legacy survives into the modern world.

Lucian Freud: Master Portrayer Of The Human Form

Lucian Freud is known today as one of the most successful portrait artists of the 20th century. His canvases are renowned for their depth...

Jean Cocteau: A Complete Insight On The Artist & His Life

The French poet, playwriter, director, artist and author whose life was as turbulent and eclectic as his oeuvre.The French poet, playwriter, director, artist and author whose life was as turbulent and eclectic as his oeuvre.

A Brief Timeline of 20th Century Visual Art Movements

A comprehensive list of the most well-known visual art movements during the 20th century, spanning two world wars and several cultural revolutions.  

Yayoi Kusama: The Infinity Artist

A closer look into the installation and pattern artist renowned for continuously breaking boundaries, even into her ninth decade.

Andrea Mantegna: Paduan Renaissance Master

Andrea Mantegna, a student of the Paduan school, was a Renaissance painter and master of perspective. He was also the brother-in-law

Get to know Raphael, The Prince Of Painters

Raphael Sanzio (known just as Raphael), was an Italian High Renaissance painter and architect. While he was famous during his lifetime

Giovanni Bellini the Venetian Renaissance Master

Giovanni Bellini (1430-1516) was a Venetian painter whose work reflects the increasing interest in Renaissance styles and themes in Venetian art during the Quattrocento period.