Charlotte Davis

Charlotte Davis
I’m Charlotte Davis, an editor at TheCollector and contributing writer from Portland, Oregon now based in London, England. I’m an art historian with extensive knowledge in art history, classics, ancient art and archaeology.

Classicism and the Renaissance: the rebirth of antiquity in Europe

Classicism, or the reiteration of classical themes, styles and imagery in art, architecture, literature and other cultural aspects, is omnipotent in western society. In fact, democracy itself was born from

9 Famous Renaissance Painters from Italy

The Italian Renaissance was a period that embraced intellectualism, humanism, and artistic expression. The rejuvenation of ancient Greek and Roman culture marked a return to classical

5 Facts you might not know about Frida Kahlo

A political activist and famous Mexican artist, Kahlo’s work is regarded as deeply personal. She was bisexual and did not conform to traditional gender roles. She's admired today as a feminist icon.