Curated Stories From Antiquity to Contemporary Art

Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec: A Modern French Artist

  Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec is a prominent Post-Impressionist painter, art nouveau illustrator and printmaker. The artist spent most of his time frequenting the cafes and...

Aztec Calendar: It Is More Than What We Know

Since its discovery in 1790, the Aztec Calendar (or Sun Stone) has intrigued archaeologists, historians and conspiracy theorists alike. Various interpretations have been put...

Jean-Jacques Lequeu: Life & Works Of A Visionary Architect

Who Is Jean-Jacques Lequeu?Jean-Jacques Lequeu was a French architect and draftsman who failed to gain recognition in his lifetime yet was very concerned about...

Lucian Freud: Master Portrayer Of The Human Form

Lucian Freud is known today as one of the most successful portrait artists of the 20th century. His canvases are renowned for their depth...

Jacopo Della Quercia: 10 Things You Need To Know

Jacopo della Quercia was one of the most important Renaissance sculptors, who beautified the city of Siena and inspired Michelangelo.

6 Iconic Female Artists You Should Know

There are countless female artists that have created a remarkable, unique œuvre. From contemporary Camille Henrot to sculptor Louise Bourgeois and expressionist Gabriele Münter, many female masters deserve more visibility.

Greek Titans: Who Were The 12 Titans In Greek Mythology?

You may know the famous twelve Olympian Greek Gods and Goddesses, but they were not the first rulers in Greek mythology. So, who were the Titans?

African Tribal Masks: 10 Facts to Know

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Sir Joshua Reynolds: 10 Things To Know About The English Artist

Discovering everything you need to know about Sir Joshua Reynolds, one of England’s most celebrated artists, founder of the Royal Academy of Arts and portraitist of international renown.

Free Art Online: 9 Amazing Resources To Enjoy At Home

While the world is staying safe at home, institutions and artists have been putting their free art online while their doors are also closed....

Jean Cocteau: A Complete Insight On The Artist & His Life

The French poet, playwriter, director, artist and author whose life was as turbulent and eclectic as his oeuvre.The French poet, playwriter, director, artist and author whose life was as turbulent and eclectic as his oeuvre.

Antonello da Messina: 10 Things To Know

Antonello da Messina revolutionized 15th century art, bringing together the style and techniques of the Netherlands and Italy to produce unique masterpieces.

Ancient Greek Olympics: 27 Historical Facts On The Festival And Its Games

For over a thousand years, spectators and competitors from across Greece attended the ancient Greek Olympics. At this fascinating festival, they celebrated their religious beliefs alongside the sporting prowess of local athletes in a variety of events.

Donald Judd Retrospective at the MoMA

Judd’s geometric and material lexicon is on view at the Museum of Modern Art for his first American retrospective in 30 years. The exhibition includes rarely displayed work that spark new intrigue into the artist’s fascinations.