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The Most Valuable Pokémon Cards

You remember Pokémon cards, right? For you younger readers, it was the analog, 1990’s version of Pokémon Go, wherein players collected cards representing different Pokémon and used them to have elaborate battles and tournaments.

6 of the Most Interesting Diamonds in the World

What makes a diamond interesting? Sometimes its size, sometimes its color, sometimes its historical connections– but there can be little doubt that, as a civilization, we’re surprisingly fascinated by these shiny bits of pressurized carbon.

What is the Dada art movement?

If there’s one word that sums up the Dada art movement, it would probably be “nonsensical.” The point was for it not to make sense.

5 Techniques of Printmaking as Fine Art

Printmaking, as an artform, has existed in China since 105 AD and made its appearance in European art during the 15th century. Though printed impressions are not one of a kind

6 Things You Didn’t Know About Georgia O’Keefe

Known lovingly as the Mother of American Modernism, Georgia O’Keefe was innovative and unparalleled. She challenged the boundaries of traditional American style, combining abstraction with realist representation.

8 of the World’s Most Valuable Art Collections

It’s interesting to consider that much of the world’s masterpieces aren’t all displayed at the biggest museums or public spaces. Instead, they’re bought and sold by a select few billionaires

Fascinating Facts About French Artist Paul Gauguin

Paul Gauguin (1848-1903) started with Impressionism but ventured into Primitivism, Symbolism, and led the way for Fauvism. His various styles, eccentric lifestyle, and noteworthy body of work makes Gauguin a memorable character in art history.

Paul Cézanne: The Father of Modern Art

Considered the “Father of modern art”, Post-Impressionist Paul Cezanne’s fresh, lively canvases broke with artistic tradition and led the way for the 20th century avant-garde.

Rembrandt: From Rags To Riches And Back Again

There is undeniable romance to the tale of a great but misunderstood artist, whose fame arrives only after a tragic, penniless death. The story of Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn, on the other hand, is not so simple.

What to Consider When Buying an Engagement Ring

Did you know that before the 1940s-ad campaign “A Diamond is Forever” for De Beers diamonds, proposing marriage with a precious stone wasn’t much of a thing? Especially not with a diamond engagement ring.

9 Famous Renaissance Painters from Italy

The Italian Renaissance was a period that embraced intellectualism, humanism, and artistic expression. The rejuvenation of ancient Greek and Roman culture marked a return to classical

Collectible Toys Worth Thousands

Like art, the age and cultural popularity of your old toys can make them worth a lot more today. But unlike art, their worth can fluctuate.

Behind Banksy’s Latest Record-Breaking Sale

Although notoriously anonymous, everyone knows Banksy, the controversial British artist who brings shock value to art.

6 Things You Should Know About Mary Abbott

Upon learning of her recent death on August 23, 2019, it feels like the time to explore the fascinating aspects of the incredible Mary Abbott’s