Curated Stories From Antiquity to Contemporary Art

7 Little Known Facts About Andre Breton

As the founder of the Surrealism movement and leading the way for the era of Abstract Expressionism that came after him, Andre Breton was a writer, poet, art collector, and all-around very interesting guy.

Salvador Dali: The life and work of an Icon

Salvador Dali is internationally renowned as the flamboyant face of Spanish Surrealism. A master of self-promotion, his character was as colourful and eccentric

9 Incredible Facts About Pierre-Auguste Renoir

The recognizable work of Pierre-Auguste Renoir is respected around the globe and the impressionist master led an interesting life. 

6 Facts About British Painter, John Constable

Known for his timeless landscapes, British artist John Constable contributed to the shift from Romanticism filled with mythology to a more realistic take on painting with lifelike clouds and emotive rural scenes. 

Modern Realism vs. Post-Impressionism: Similarities and Differences

Modern realism and post-impressionism both spawned from earlier art movements: realism and impressionism. Household names like Picasso and Van Gogh are part of these respective movements but what are they and how do they relate?

5 Easy Ways To Start your own collection of art, antiques, and collectibles.

You can start a collection out of anything from antique music boxes to Beanie Babies. But your budget and network can change how easy it’ll be to start.

5 Things You Need To Know About Egon Schiele

Egon Schiele was an important representative of Austrian expressionism. Although the artist had a very short life and career – Schiele died at the age of 28 – his oeuvre was extensive.

Who is Koji Morimoto? The Stellar Anime Director

Koji Morimoto is not a household name outside of his country. But where he is recognized, he’s known as a talented illustrated and director who makes refined animation.

Henri Matisse: 8 outstanding paintings by the French Fauvist

The French artist Henri Matisse is one of the most important painters of the 20th century. Besides painting, he worked in a variety of media such as sculpture and paper cut-outs.

Yoshitomo Nara and his Ever-Evolving Self-Portraits

Yoshitomo Nara is a Japanese artist known for his work of children and animals that are cute and ominous at once. His work takes on themes like isolation.

Jackson Pollock, Famous American Painter & Artist

One of the most famous artists of all time, Jackson Pollock is world renowned for his rhythmic, expressive canvases that dance with energy and life.

5 Facts you might not know about Frida Kahlo

A political activist and famous Mexican artist, Kahlo’s work is regarded as deeply personal. She was bisexual and did not conform to traditional gender roles. She's admired today as a feminist icon.

7 Famous Photographers Who Captured Nudes

The idea of sending and selling nude photographs may seem to be a contemporary idea. The saying “sex sells” is cliché, but it does hold a great deal of truth.

4 Famous Nude Photographs in Art Auctions

When famous works that capture the essence of the artist go up for auction, their value increases given the importance to the oeuvre. Here are recent auction results to consider.