Adrienne HowellBA Integrated Studio Arts & BS Apparel DesignAdrienne currently works as a photographer and visual artist in the Midwest. She earned degrees from Iowa State University with a BA in Integrated studio arts, focusing on drawing & painting, and a BS in Apparel Design with an emphasis on fashion and textiles.

Agnes TheresaBA Drama & PhilosophyAgnes Theresa completed her BA in Drama and Philosophy at the Royal Holloway University of London in 2014 and is currently finishing her MA in Physical Theatre Performance Making at the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre. She works internationally as a writer, performance artist, theatre director, and performer. Born in Austria, she has lived in six countries (Russia, Ukraine, Austria, Germany, Estonia, and the UK) and traveled many more, always seeking to expand her horizons and challenge her preconceptions. Her interests range from Greek philosophy to capoeira, posthumanism, and Nietzsche.

Alex KiddierMA Medieval StudiesI am a recent Masters graduate in Medieval Studies from the University of York. My interests lie in a wide range of areas including film, literature, art, and music with a particular interest in delving deeper into the intersections of these different fields. I also have a keen interest in ceramic art in both a practical and research sense.

Alexander StandjofskiBA in History & Political Theory w/ pre and post-Christian IdeologyAlexander holds a BA in history and political theory from Concordia University in Montreal, Canada. He has studied the historical narrative of the western world as well as pre and post-Christian political thought and ideology spanning from 500 BCE to 1800 CE.

Alexander WestraMA in the History of Art & Archaeology of East AsiaAlexander Westra is a doctoral researcher who studies archaeology at Henan University, China. He holds an MA in the History of Art & Archaeology of East Asia from the School of Oriental & African Studies, London. He has studied ethnology, mythology, art, and archaeology for many years. His interest in the Yellow River cultures took him right into the heartland of China where he has been living in central China for several years.

Alexandra DoyleDoctor of Musical Arts (DMA)Alexandra is a writer in Cincinnati, where she is pursuing a Doctorate of Musical Arts in clarinet performance at the University of Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music. She is a native Houstonian, and she earned bachelor’s degrees in both clarinet performance and journalism from the University of Houston.

Alexandra KargBA Art History & LiteratureHey! I am Alexandra Karg. I am researching, writing and lecturing on topics in the field of art and culture. In my hometown of Berlin I completed my studies in literature and art history. Since then I have been working as a journalist and writer. Besides writing, it is my passion to read, travel and visit museums and galleries. On you will find articles by me about art and culture, especially about topics referring to the 20th century and the present.

Alexandra KielyBA Art History (with honors)Alexandra is an art historian and writer from New Jersey. She holds a B.A. in Art History from Drew University, where she received the Stanley Prescott Hooper Memorial Prize in Art History. She wrote her honors thesis on the life and work of early-20th century art theorist Roger Fry. Her primary interests are American art, particularly 19th-century painting, and medieval European art and architecture. She runs her own website, A Scholarly Skater, is a regular contributor to DailyArt Magazine, and has written two online courses. Alexandra enjoys reading, ballroom dancing, and figure skating.

Alexandria FryeMA Anthropology w/ Biological anthropology concentrationAlex is a writer and podcast host who explores absurdities- and other truths- at the intersections of science, history, and law. She holds an MA in anthropology from Texas State University with a focus in Biological anthropology. In her spare time, Alex studies the stoics and their influence on leadership in media.

Alexis CulottaPhD Art HistoryAlexis holds a PhD in Art History from University of Washington. She is an experienced lecturer, skilled in Art Research and Art History.

Alice BennettMSt Late Antique and Byzantine Studies, BA Ancient HistoryAlice has a BA in Ancient History and an MSt in Late Antique and Byzantine studies from the University of Oxford. She is a contributing writer and editor and is particularly passionate about the promotion and protection of historical and archaeological knowledge. In her spare time, she can be found wandering the woods or lurking around ancient monuments, taking photographs.

Amanda LewisBA in HistoryAmanda is a contributing writer with a passion for history, politics, and education. I hold a BA from the University of Illinois at Chicago in History. Topics I am most passionate about include immigration, radical social movements, civil rights, religious studies, and the LGBTQIA community. In my free time, I enjoy reading, cooking, and rock climbing.

Ana Bambić KostovMA Art History w/ Philosophy concentrationAna Bambić Kostov is an Art Historian and Writer based in Belgrade. After her studies of Art History at the Faculty of Philosophy in Belgrade, she established an interest in art and artistic practices. She wrote numerous articles and catalogs published in both English and Serbian. She operated as the Chief Editor of the Widewalls Online Magazine, focusing on the international urban, contemporary art scene and the art market.

Ana-Teodora KurkinaMA & PhD in HistoryAna is a social historian who holds a PhD in history from LMU Munich and UR Regensburg. She earned her second MA from Central European University, Budapest and her first MA from MSU, Moscow. When she is not writing about art and propaganda, she plays strategic boardgames. Her professional interests revolve around Eastern Europe.

Andria PresselMLitt in Strategic Studies w/ Military History ConcentrationAndria has an MLitt in Strategic Studies from the University of St. Andrews. Her research specializes in military history, but she loves anything related to the past, especially ancient, medieval, and religious history. She is also enthusiastic about philosophy, psychology, and international relations. When not writing, she may be found backpacking or wandering through the local bookstore.

Anisia IacobMA Art History, MA in PhilosophyAnisia Iacob holds an MA in both Art History and Philosophy at Leiden University. She holds a BA in Art History where she focused on 17th century Dutch vanitas painting and a BA in Philosophy where she researched fashion and embodied cognition. With a keen interest in anything and everything, her research interest goes from history to neuroscience, attesting to her curious personality. Besides studies, she works as a contributing writer. Anisia looks forward to finishing her two MAs and starting a PhD in Philosophy.

Anna SextonBA International Relations; MA Cand. & BA Art HistoryAnna holds a BA from the University of Washington in Art History and International Relations and is currently based in Besançon, France. She has worked in several museums and art galleries in the Seattle area as well as abroad. Her primary fields of interest include repatriation and restitution of stolen and looted art, the function of museums in society, and how nations use art as a means of intercultural diplomacy. When she is not writing, Anna enjoys dancing ballet, learning languages, doing crosswords, and drinking tea.

Antonio Oraldi MA in Philosophy and Public Affairs, BA in Philosophy and SociologyAntonio holds an MA in Philosophy and Public Affairs from University College Dublin (Ireland) and a BA in Philosophy and Sociology from the University of Aberdeen (Scotland). His main interests lie in social and political philosophy, with a special focus on the role of technology in society. Besides writing, he loves film, sports, and taking long walks.

Antonis ChaliakopoulosMSc Museum Studies, BA History & ArchaeologyAntonis is an archaeologist with a passion for museums and heritage and a keen interest in aesthetics and the reception of classical art. He holds an MSc in Museum Studies from the University of Glasgow and a BA in History and Archaeology from the University of Athens (NKUA). Antonis is a senior staff member at TheCollector, managing the Archaeology and Ancient History department. In his spare time, he publishes articles on his specialty.

Ariadne ArgyrosMA Egyptology, BA Anthropology & ClassicsAriadne is a contributing writer who graduated with her MA degree in Egyptology from the University of Chicago in 2020, and holds BAs in Anthropology and Classics from the University of Vermont. She is passionate about ancient Egypt, especially topics of funerary rituals and culture, magic, animals, gender, and modern reception, archaeology, museum work, and public outreach. In her spare time, Ariadne travels the world by participating in both terrestrial and underwater excavations, and volunteers for museum education and outreach programs for children. She also enjoys soccer, watching TV, and spending time with her bearded dragon, Gaius.

Ashley CeballosBA English Literature w/ minor in Cultural AnthropologyAshley is a University of Central Florida student, majoring in English Literature with a minor in Cultural Anthropology. She has taken part in a volunteer project in England, assisting a homeless charity in the city of London. She is an avid reader, with her favorite genre being historical nonfiction. She also enjoys researching and writing about history.

Atorina SalibaBA Creative Arts & Literature w/ HonorsAtorina Saliba is a writer from Western Sydney, Australia but is currently residing in the Gold Coast. She has a BA in Creative Arts and an honors degree in Literature from La Trobe University. She has written two short films and directed one of them, which were then screened at the Australian Centre for the Moving Image (Melbourne). Atorina writes fiction and non-fiction for art magazines such as Golem Quarterly Review, Dust Temple, Nation Street Press, Sartle, Culture Owl, and more. She also volunteers her time as an associate editor and writer at Golem Quarterly Review.

Austin BryanBA History (in progress)Austin Bryan is a contributing writer at TheCollector, with a primary interest in U.S. history. He is currently completing a B.A. in History at Chapman University. Austin lives in Colorado and enjoys it very much.

Ben TaylorBA History, MA War & StrategyBen is a contributing writer from Nottingham, Great Britain. Having had a lifelong passion for history, he first studied BA history at Nottingham Trent University and is now undertaking an MA in war and strategy at the University of Leeds. His central research interest is military history, particularly focusing on the Napoleonic Wars and the experiences of soldiers.

Benjamin KitchenIMI Certification in Mechanics w/ Advanced PhysicsBen is an automotive journalist from the West Midlands in England. He holds an IMI certification in light vehicle mechanics and three A-Levels in Physics and Further Maths. With five years of writing experience, he spends most of his time delving into the fields of engineering and motoring. When he’s not working, you’ll find him reading his Bible or traveling around the world.

Bethany WilliamsBA Classics and English, MA LiteratureBethany is a Masters student, currently studying the adaptation of Greek myth in modern literature. She is a graduate of Classics and English (BA), during which she studied Ancient Greek language, classical reception within its own time and throughout history, as well as Greek and Roman history. Apart from her studies, she has an appreciation for art, philosophy, and travel. She may be based in England, but her heart is in Greece.

Cara WolahanMA History of Art & Architecture, BA Art HistoryI am a contributing writer with a passion for art, history, and their ever-rewarding intersection. I hold an MA in the History of Art & Architecture from Boston University and a BA in Art History from Boston College. In my free time, I enjoy writing historical fiction stories about fascinating figures and objects. When I am not careening down research wormholes, I moonlight as a yoga teacher in Boston, MA, where I live with my fiancé and dog.

Carmen VargasBA English LiteratureCarmen Vargas works as a writer and editor in her spare time. She is originally from Spain, but currently lives in Switzerland, where she teaches art, history and literature, and enjoys every opportunity to attend a new exhibition.

Carol WaldenBachelor in Media & CommunicationsCarol Walden has been producing art for most of her life. After completing a Bachelor of Media & Communications, Writing & Publishing she has dived into writing in the field of arts. Her father’s family were a French travelling circus troupe; multi-disciplined artists living in horse-drawn wagons and on ships in the Asia-Pacific Region. This ancestral journey has greatly influenced her life’s work and her passions for art, writing and physical performance.

Carolina SanmiguelBA Art Education, MA Art History & TheoryBased in Barcelona, Carolina is an American contributing writer who focuses on current trends in global art. She explores the influence of Classical Antiquity on the contemporary art scene while looking at the impact of historic aesthetic models on visual culture. She holds a B.A. in Art Education from The University of Texas and an M.A. in Art History and Theory from The University of Barcelona. Carolina has international experience in art education, curriculum design, and varied museum roles in places like the MACBA (Museum of Contemporary Art Barcelona).

Casey ScottMA Philosophy, GDipEd English and Humanities, BA(Hons) Professional & Creative WritingCasey teaches philosophy and culture studies at a leading Australian university. His postgraduate research examined the metaphysics of biological concepts. He is a qualified English teacher with a degree in professional and creative writing and is about to begin his third degree in zoology and animal sciences.

Charlie HannMA Classics & Italian Literature w/ honorsI hold a Master of Arts in Classics with honors in Italian literature. I have been interested in Greek mythology and Ancient History from a young age. Apart from Classics and writing, I also enjoy reading, swimming and cooking.

Charlotte DavisBA Art HistoryCharlotte is a contributing writer from Portland, Oregon now based in London, England. I’m an art historian with extensive knowledge in art history, classics, ancient art and archaeology.

Christina EliaBA Art HistoryChristina Elia is a contributing writer whose work focuses on the intersection between visual culture and language. She was born and raised in New York City, where she currently writes about topics ranging from creative nonfiction to street art, culture, and travel. Christina’s work has been published in online publications such as The Odyssey, Select City, CURA, and has appeared in print in The Tishman Review and UP.

Christina VolpeMA Public History w/ Museum Studies, BA Archaeology & Classics Christina is a historian and museum professional with a passion for art history and film studies. She holds a BA in Archaeology & Classics from the American University of Rome and an MA in Public History with a concentration in Museum Studies from Central Connecticut State University. In her spare time she loves to go antiquing throughout New England and can often be found with her laptop under an umbrella at a bistro table in her garden.

Cinzia FranceschiniMA Art History w/ History of Art CriticismCinzia is an Italian Art Historian specialized in the History of Art Criticism, with a second degree in Communications and Sociology studies. Currently based in Northern Italy, she studied at the University of Padua. She works as a guide in Museum Education Departments and as an Art Writer. She writes about Contemporary Arts and Social Sciences, and how they intertwine.

Colin J CampbellMLitt in Ancient History, BA Ancient History & CivilizationColin J Campbell is a contributing writer and researcher, living in Melbourne, Australia. He currently writes across a wide range of creative non-fiction topics. He has strong interest in writing, visuals and sounds. Originally from Scotland, Colin studied Ancient History and Civilizations before completing an MLitt (distinction) in Roman history from the University of Newcastle. Focusing on ‘Slave, Bandit and Pirate Disorders’ within Roman Italy, he developed interests in the personal security habits of Romans. Colin also has expert knowledge in a wide range of topics that include military, politics, architecture, society and social issues.

Daniel GritherBA Art HistoryDaniel is a contributing writer based in North Carolina. He received his bachelor’s degree in history from Western Carolina University and is particularly interested in 20th century geopolitical, environmental, and military history. Along with writing, he enjoys mountain biking, music, and hiking.

Danielle MackayBA Classical Studies and Linguistics, MA Classical StudiesDanielle is currently completing her MA in Classical Studies at Rhodes University in South Africa. She earned her BA degree in Classical Studies and Linguistics and completed her studies of the Ancient Greek language as well as Latin. Her research focuses on Ancient Greek Religion and Mythology, specifically found in Late Antiquity Egypt, with a focus on the god Dionysus.

Daphne BikaPhD Philosophy, Classics & Ancient History, MSc Museum StudiesDaphne is an art historian, museologist, and conservator of antiquities and works of art. She received her PhD (Hons) in Classical Archaeology from the National University of Athens and her MSc in Museum Studies from the University of Leicester, UK. She holds a BA in Conservation of Antiquities and Works of Art from the University of West Attica and a BA (Hons) in Art Theory and History from the Athens School of Fine Arts. She has been working as a researcher and conservator of antiquities at the Greek Ministry of Culture for the past 21 years. Her special interests are ancient art, archaeology, theory and history of art and architecture, philosophy of art.

Dea CvetkovićBA and MA in Art HistoryDea has a Bachelor and a Master’s degree in history of Art from the University of Belgrade. Her main fields of interest include modern and contemporary art, American art, gender studies, photography, and film. She loves taking pictures, watching movies, traveling, and wandering around museums.

Despoina TsoliBachelor of Arts w/ cultural analysis concentrationDespoina is a curator who graduated with a degree in Literary and Cultural Analysis from the University of Amsterdam. Anything regarding art, archeology, and mythology will spark her interest although she is known to also heavily enjoy an exhilarating book and good board game.

Dimitar DanevskiBA Defense & Peace Studies Dimitar holds a BA in Defense and Peace Studies from the Ss. Cyril and Methodius University in Skopje, North Macedonia. He worked as an advisor in the Department of Defense of North Macedonia and has a deep interest in the World War II era. His interests span from military philosophy to the in-depth analysis of military tanks, battles, and especially WWII military aviation. In his spare time, he builds model kits and plays blues guitar with his band.

Dominik StachowiakBA & MA Archaeology w/ focus Mediterranean archaeology and cultural heritageDominik is an archaeologist. He holds a BA and a MA in archaeology from Adam Mickiewicz University in Poland, with a specialty in Mediterranean archaeology and cultural heritage. For two years he pursued his interest in the Late Roman and Byzantine periods as an Erasmus student at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. His focus is on material culture and architecture, but also on the transition between antiquity and the middle ages in the Roman East. Currently, he studies Modern Greek Philology in Poland.

Dr. Eugenia RussellProfessor of History, History of Art, and Political PhilosophyHistorian and publisher Dr Eugenia Russell has written and edited several academic books and articles. She has strong research interests in early modern cultural history and especially the literature, art and culture of Byzantium and early modern Greece. She also has co-authored three books on the history of Watford and South West Hertfordshire. Her shorter pieces have appeared in BBC History Magazine, the British Library website, Oxford Bibliographies Online, Encyclopaedia Britannica, the Ancient World Magazine and many other publications. In 2021 she co-founded Book Publishers Lone Fox Publishing.

Edd HodsdonBA Professional Writing, member Canterbury Archaeological TrustEdd holds a BA in Professional Writing, he has worked at the Dover museum as well as the Canterbury Archaeological Trust. He is most fascinated by the Achaemenid Persian Empire and has been interested in the Ancient world his entire life. His hobbies include walking, philosophy, history, photography, and writing fiction.

Elizabeth BurtonBA Art History, MA Preventive ConservationElizabeth is a practicing paintings and preventive conservator from Los Angeles. She studied Art History at UCLA as an undergraduate and received her MA in Preventive Conservation from Northumbria University. Elizabeth has worked with many museums in California and currently teaches for the Northern States Conservation Center, through which she offers online courses for heritage preservation professionals.

Elliott McDonaldBA Archaeology w/ HonoursElliott is an archaeologist from the UK. He holds a degree in archaeology from Newcastle University. His research interests include Early Medieval Europe, pre-Christian religion, ancient warfare, stone sculpture, and local studies. He enjoys visiting Europe’s sights, camera in hand, as well as in indulging in motorsport, following a variety of series in person wherever possible.

Emily SnowMA History of Art, BA Art History & Curatorial StudiesEmily Snow is a contributing writer and art historian based in Amsterdam. She earned an MA in art history from the Courtauld Institute of Art and loves knitting, her calico cat, and everything Victorian.

Faith LeeBA Medieval Studies & BA French LiteratureFaith is a graduate of Rutgers University, completing a Bachelor’s with dual-majors in French Literature and Medieval Studies and an M.Ed in language education. Seeing language as the key interface through which we understand and make sense of human life, her interests focus on historical and contemporary language attitudes. She is currently based in Singapore, where she enjoys crossing paths with stray cats.

Frances DilworthArt Historian w/ BA Art History & ConservationFrances graduated from Rutgers University with a major in art history and a minor in English. Among their many interests, medieval art history comes to the front. They are currently researching the symbolic, cultural, and practical meanings of the medieval garden in their thesis, Gardens of the Arts and Crafts Movement and Their Medieval Roots; which explores the many ways in which medieval art and culture were adopted by the artists of the 19th century. As a non-binary scholar, they are also passionate about researching and writing about underrepresented groups throughout history, such as the LGBTQIA+ community. One day, Frances hopes to publish a book that examines a more inclusive and cross-cultural perspective of medieval art.

Francesca RamsayArt Historian; BA Art History, MA Art History, Curatorship w/ focus Renaissance Culture Francesca is an arts writer based in Wales. She trained at the Warburg Institute in London. This multi-disciplinary education in Renaissance art and culture has left her with excellent academic research and writing skills (as well as some pretty niche knowledge). She’s since gone on to work in the auction and commercial sector, as well as in museums and in public sector ventures.

Fraser HibbittBA English LiteratureI received my BA in English literature. I enjoy reading and writing on literature, philosophy, cultural studies and art. I am a self-taught guitarist with an interest in music theory and composition. I have travelled widely having grown up in both the UK and Norway. Currently, I am based in Brighton, UK, where I finished my degree.

Gabrielle ProbertBA French LiteratureI received a BA in French Literature from the University of Missouri, Kansas City. Art history has always been a passion of mine and I spent much of my time between my French studies taking every course I could. I’ve studied European, African, Asian, Mesoamerican, American, Ancient, and Contemporary art. I love to travel, meet new people, try new food and spend time with my family.

Gelly GryntakiBA Physics, MA Art Conservation, PhD Science & Contemporary ArtI am an art curator, writer and researcher, mother and feminist, reader and translator. I am interested in queer theory and gender performativity, posthumanism, science and science fiction, and artistic activism. I regard contemporary art as a multi-dimensional space where all those fields can intersect and interact. I hold a BA in Physics, an MA in Art Conservation, and a PhD in Science and Contemporary Art. I have collaborated with several institutions, media, and artists and I am a permanent contributor to the Greek issue of The Art Newspaper. Museums and bookshops are my favorite places.

George MantafounisBSc Military Science, MA Modern & Contemporary HistoryGeorge graduated from the Hellenic Army Academy and holds a BSc in Military Science. During his academic years, he specialized in Military history and a few years later he got a Master’s degree in Modern and Contemporary History. He is currently an Artillery Officer and serves as a Battery Commander. Meanwhile, he expresses his passion for history through researching and writing historical articles.

Giorgos PanagiotopoulosBA & LLB Political ScienceGiorgos is a lawyer specializing in corporate law in Greece. He has an LLB and an BA in political science from the University of Athens (NKUA). In his spare time, he enjoys studying various aspects of ancient and medieval history and trail running.

Guillaume DeprezArt Historian; Graduate of the Louvre School in ParisGuillaume Deprez is a contributing writer and art historian, graduate of the Louvre School. Wondering why statues and monuments were destroyed and how many ancient artworks survive, he searched for a book answering that question. As the saying goes, when you want to read a book that has not been written, then you must write it. The result is Lost Treasures, the destruction of works of cultural heritage by intolerance and greed. An accessible and engaging book, a journey of discovery throughout the rise and fall of civilizations.

Hannah McCallBA Criminal Justice & Legal Studies, BA EnglishHannah graduated college with twin B.A.s in English and Criminal Justice & Legal Studies and intentionally made time throughout her education to pursue her lifelong love of history by serving on staff for her university’s history club. Hannah particularly loves studying mythologies and legends from a variety of cultures but enjoys Greek, Norse, Egyptian, and Hindu mythologies most of all.

Hazel Anna RogersBA English Literature, Shropshire Young Poet Laureate Award (2015)Hazel is in her third year of English Literature at the University of Brighton. She studied one year of French and Japanese at the University of Leeds, and since worked abroad in Paris and Greece. She became Shropshire Young Poet Laureate in 2015 after which her poetry was published. She enjoys writing both creatively and academically, and has particular interests in non-English literature, Art History, Music, Anthropology, Literature of Antiquity and Philosophy. Her native tongues are English and French. She is also a passionate classical piano player and cold water swimmer.

Heidi VanceBFA Studio Art w/ minor in Art HistoryHeidi Vance is a contributing writer to TheCollector, a practicing studio artist, and an emerging art conservation professional. She obtained her BFA in Studio Art and a minor in Art History from the University of Central Florida and will be pursuing her MA in Conservation of Fine Art at Northumbria University in Fall 2020.

Idalis LoveBA Studio Arts & Art HistoryIdalis Love graduated with her BA in Studio Arts and Art History from Oglethorpe University in 2020. During her time as a Studio Arts major, she found passion in Far Eastern and European art histories, which enabled her to double major. When she isn’t gushing about other people’s art she is making it as well.

Igor RadulovicMA History Education, BA Art HistoryIgor is a historian and a history teacher from Podgorica, Montenegro. His main focus are contemporary history and controversial historical topics. He still likes researching different periods, spanning from ancient to modern history.

Ilyas BenabdeljalilMA Int'l Relations, BA Political ScienceIlyas holds a BA in Political Science and an MA in International Relations. He studied economy, sociology, public policy, and history and worked as a researcher for think tanks and consulting firms. It is his strong passion for political and military history that brought him to TheCollector. Nowadays, he is preparing for a PhD program in International Cooperation and Public Policy.

Isabella TropeSecond year, BA Ancient History and ArchaeologyIsabella is a second-year university student at Macquarie Uni, completing a BA in Ancient History and Archaeology. Her favourite topics to learn and write about are feminist historiography, numismatics, and ancient Sumer. She hopes to one day work in the museum sector, helping illuminate why history matters to everyone. In her free time, she can be found polishing her coin collection, reading a fantasy novel, or on a bushwalk.

J. HughesBA Journalism & MA Art HistoryJ. Hughes teaches humanities for Southern New Hampshire University’s global campus. She holds a bachelor’s degree in journalism from Washington University and a master’s degree in history from Southern Connecticut State University. Her writing has recently appeared in Reliving History Magazine, Braided Way Magazine, Northern New England Review’s Front/Lines, and the Connecticut River Review, among other places.

Jack BoczarBA Economics, BA Philosophy, PhD in progressJack is a philosophy student. He graduated with a dual BA degree in economics and philosophy from the University of Toledo, and will be starting his PhD at the University of Georgia in the Fall. His main areas of interest are aesthetics, metaphysics, and medieval philosophy.

Jack CrawfordBA Medieval History, MPhil Anglo-Saxon, Norse and Celtic HistoryJack is a contributing writer with a primary interest in Medieval History, in particular the early medieval period. He completed a bachelor’s degree in Medieval History at the University of St. Andrews, and a masters in Anglo-Saxon, Norse and Celtic at the University of Cambridge.

Jacqueline LewisBA Art History and ArchitectureJacqueline Lewis is a History of Art & Architecture graduate. While studying art, she worked in the research department of The Chicago History Museum and wrote articles for Chicago Gallery News. Now, she is the Assistant Director of a long-standing, prestigious art gallery in Chicago. Throughout the year she works at major art events like the New York IFPDA Print Fair, SOFA and EXPO Chicago. She also writes and publishes articles about the art scene and historical topics.

Jacqueline MartinezBA English WritingJacqueline Martinez graduated with her BA in English (Writing & Rhetoric, to be fancy) in 2019. During her time in college, she worked in a Miami-based art gallery. She has attended major art fairs like Art Basel and Art Miami, recording new exhibitions and art trends in her articles. In 2018, she studied abroad in France, where she learned about art history in some of the world’s major museums. Since graduating, she has aimed to keep learning while passing on her experiences to those who are novices like she once was.

James Booth-JonesB.Arch. History & Theory Focus, B.A. Philosophy with Logic Focus James holds a B.Arch from Nelson Mandela University, with a focus on the History and Theory of European Art and Architecture. He is currently completing his second degree in Philosophy at the University of Warsaw, with plans to pursue a Ph.D. thereafter. James manages the Philosophy Department at TheCollector, and is a contributing writer on art and philosophy. He lives in Paris.

James NewmanBA Politics & Modern HistoryJames holds a BA in Politics and Modern History from the University of Manchester, in the UK. His interests span from late imperial China through to the First and Second World Wars, and the Cold War. He hopes to undertake an MA in history soon.

James SulterMA Ancient Greek, BA Classical StudiesBased in Johannesburg, South Africa, James completed his MA in Ancient Greek at Rhodes University in 2020, where he also earned BA degrees in Classical Studies, Latin and English Literature. Besides teaching Greek and Latin literature in their original language, he is particularly interested in the cultural interchange between the Hellenic and Roman worlds, methods of Greco-Roman pedagogy, and theories of Classical reception and translation. Outside of Classics, his time is taken up with reading, gaming, birding, and half-completing crosswords.

Jamie Rose ValeraBA Art HistoryJamie Rose Valera is an art historian and theorist from the San Francisco Bay Area. Valera is a 2017 alumna of the Middle College program and will graduate in 2021 with her B.A. in the history of art and visual culture at the California College of the Arts in San Francisco. Currently, she plans to continue researching and writing through a Ph.D. in art history and visual studies. Valera's work focuses on representations of the body by intersecting the past with the present. Her findings have been presented at symposiums and published by arts and humanities journals. After working the contemporary art gallery scene, Valera aims to delve into Museum Education, and later research and teach as a Professor of art history and visual studies.

Jay ReynoldsBA American Studies w/ US Military History ConcentrationJay is a BA American Studies graduate from the University of Essex. His primary interests are military history and US history. He did his dissertation on the USAAF’s 373rd Fighter Group and their journey across WW2 Europe. He also enjoys buying and selling collectibles, especially photographs and documents from the World Wars.

Jeff DiSandroBA Criminology w/ Psychology, MS. Ed w/HistoryJeff holds a BA in Criminology with a minor in Psychology, M.S. Ed, and an academic certification in basic law with an emphasis on the bill of rights and civil liberties. I’m also a professionally certified high school social studies teacher with experience in world history, European history, economics, and government. Economics, politics, and all things history are among my favorite nonfiction hobbies, and I read about one book per week on various topics. I have attended a wide variety of professional workshops ranging from study at the federal reserve to seminars on comparative government.

Jenna RossBA PhotojournalismJenna Ross is a contributing journalist and photographer with an extensive interest in the history of photography and art. She has a BA in Photojournalism from California State University, Fullerton. When she isn’t working, she loves to travel, and always takes her camera along with her.

Jeremy H Beardmore, MAMA Fine Arts, BA Fine Arts ValuationI am a qualified Antiques Professional and Consultant, with both a Bachelors degree (Honours) in Fine Arts Valuation, and a Masters. My origins are in Stoke on Trent, England, the home of Staffordshire pottery, and I believe this gave me an inherited interest in ceramics. I have a particular interest in the British Victorian period and am perhaps regarded as being an English Eccentric.

Jessica JacobCertified AnthropologistJessica is an anthropologist based in Charlotte, North Carolina. She worked with the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and the University of North Carolina at Charlotte on various anthropological projects ranging from Native American archaeology to biology, ecology, and ethnography. Her research has been published in the American Journal of Physical Anthropology and recognized by the Enquirer Journal. Her areas of interest are paleoanthropology, human evolution, art history, ethnography, and prehistoric art.

Jesus SantillanBA Anthropology w/ Archaeology ConcentrationJesus Santillan is a contributing writer and researcher with an emphasis on Mesoamerican civilizations. His studies include a Bachelor's in Anthropology with a focus on archaeology. In his free time he tutors students and writes independently. Jesus is from Zacatecas, and currently lives in San Luis Potosí, Mexico.

John GarrettMA PhilosophyJohn is an MA student in Philosophy at Georgia State University in Atlanta, Georgia. His primary research interest is in ancient philosophy, with secondary interests in modern philosophy and the philosophy of religion. He also enjoys writing, reading the classics, and film.

John SewellBA & MA Art History, University of BirminghamJohn holds both a BA and an MA in Art History from the University of Birmingham, UK. His academic research focussed on nineteenth and early-twentieth century depictions of narcotics use, addiction and race-relations. However, his interests extend far beyond this; and his work covers an array of topics from many different periods and locations around the world. Alongside writing, he is also the founder of Eazyl - an online art marketplace for emerging artists which charges no commission fees.

Jonathan HemmingsMA English Literature w/ minor in HistoryJonathan is a contributing writer, a novelist and a musician who is passionate about art, history, literature and the areas in which these three subjects intersect. He has a master’s degree in English Literature, and he minored in history, art history and fine art when he earned his bachelor’s degree. He has lived and worked on three continents and has worked in a range of fields, from English teaching to selling his own art to drumming in rock bands. He is currently based in the Midlands in England.

Jono EldertonJono Elderton is an Australian writer with a passion for Ancient Egypt. He has worked as a journalist, media manager, and English teacher. After travelling extensively worldwide and teaching in Thailand and Japan, he now lives in the outback and writes about ancient cultures, mythology, and the arts.

Jordan BourqueBA PhilosophyAfter graduating from the University of San Diego with a bachelor’s degree in philosophy, Jordan continued her education at USD as a law student. She is applying for her PhD in Philosophy with a focus in neuroethics, philosophy of law, and political philosophy. Whether it be as a future professor or contributing articles, she is excited to share the world of philosophy with others and expand her knowledge. In her spare time, she enjoys playing with her many pets.

Jordan CookMA Medieval Studies, BA (Hons) English LiteratureJordan Cook holds a First-Class BA(Hons) in English Literature and an MA in Medieval Studies. She is currently an AHRC-funded Ph.D. candidate with The National Gallery and the University of York. Her thesis, entitled "Settings and Subjects in Early Netherlandish Painting," interrogates the painted backgrounds of fifteenth-century religious art. Passionate about writing accessible and engaging educational content, Jordan has written scripts for 'Simple History' as well as a curatorial content for York Art Gallery's "Making a Masterpiece" exhibition.

Julia Margaret LuB.Arch w/ History-Theory ConcentrationJulia is a Senior Editor at TheCollector. She is a native New Yorker and bikes, writes, reads, draws, and makes books and other things in her spare time. Julia earned her B.Arch from City College with an architectural history and theory concentration.

Katie BrownCurrent PhD Biblical Studies, BA Classics and ReligionKatie is a postgraduate research student in Trinity College Dublin, where she also received her Bachelor's Degree in Classical Civilisation and World Religions and Theology. She is a tour guide in Glasnevin Cemetery Museum, a popular historical site in Dublin, and a published fiction and non-fiction writer. While she enjoys any topic relating to history, culture, and the humanities, she is most interested in Ancient Greece and Rome, the Ancient Near East, Irish history, colonization and de-colonization, Jewish and Christian history, and the Early modern period.

Kaylee RandallKaylee Randall is a contributing writer, originally from Florida. who is deeply interested and invested in the arts. She lives in Australia and writes about health, fitness, art, and entertainment while sharing her own stories of transition on her personal blog.

Kieren JohnsMA Classics & Ancient History, BA History & Ancient HistoryKieren is a UK based contributing writer currently studying for a PhD in Classics and Ancient History, investigating the representation and authority of the Severan emperors. He is passionate about sharing his interest in the past with as many people as possible. Away from his research, Kieren is also interested in arts, literature, and travel.

Kimberly GrafBA Anthropology w/ Archaeology Concentration & Religious StudiesKimberly is a contributing writer, mother, traveler, and fiber artist with a deep passion for the ancient world. I’ve studied Native American archaeology, but my deeper personal interest lies in Egyptology. From a young age, I’ve been fascinated by ancient cultures. The opportunity to write about our human ancestors is profoundly important to me.

Kristen ArcusBA History, History of Art & ArchitectureKristen Arcus is a life-long fine art enthusiast. She holds a BA in History and the History of Art & Architecture from Depaul University. She has experience in archives and museums, and currently works at a prestigious art gallery in Chicago.

Kristopher HenkeBA Anthropology (in-progress)Kristopher Henke is a writer, editor, and anthropology major with a passion for history, archaeology, and linguistics. He is currently finishing his BA at the University of Colorado Boulder with intent to become an Assyriologist. He specializes in the myths, inventions, and ideas of the Ancient Near East and the Greco-Roman world, but has also worked on Native American interactions on the Plains, Norse myths, and prehistoric migrations. Outside of work and school, he loves to hike, camp, read, cook, and listen to music.

Kurt ReadmanMA Conflict Archaeology & Heritage, BA HistoryKurt holds a BA in history and a MA in Conflict Archaeology and Heritage from the University of Glasgow. He has studied the political and religious relationships of the British Isles as well as Europe. Kurt’s main specialties lie in the Medieval to the Early Modern Period. In addition to this, he has spent time working with the Siege of Haddington Research Group.

Lara ColrainBA Archaeology, BA Art HistoryLara is a published author, editor, poet, and archaeologist based in Hobart, Tasmania. She holds two BAs (Arts and Archaeology) and is deeply passionate about ancient history, antiquities, and mythology, with a special interest in indigenous cultures, notably the ancient Maya. She was fortunate to have known the late Mayanist, George. E. Stuart, who was a mentor during her archaeological studies. In her free time, Lara enjoys Painting by Numbers.

Laura HaywardMA Classics, PGCE Classics, BA Latin with GreekLaura Hayward is a contributing writer and researcher from London, UK. She is a specialist in the field of Classics, in which she has either studied or worked for over twenty years. She holds a B.A. and M.A. in Classics from University College London. She has also worked as a teacher of Classics in a leading independent school in London. Her particular areas of interest are Latin language and literature as well as Roman art and epigraphy.

Lauren NitschkeBA Psychology, GradDip in Secondary Education, GradCert in HistoryLauren is a past teacher of English and History. She holds a Bachelor of Arts, a teaching diploma, and post-graduate qualifications in History. Lauren is a Graduate Historian with the Professional Historians Association of Victoria and Tasmania (Australia). Her areas of special interest include Medieval History and Victorian England. She resides in rural Australia with her family and a multitude of furry friends.

Lesley SimeonMA International Studies w/ JournalismLesley is a Bangalore-based contributing writer, with an MA in International Studies and an undergraduate degree in Journalism. He holds firm interests in world history, culture, politics, global conflict and human rights, film and theatre, and aspires to pursue a career in conflict-zone correspondence. When not writing feature pieces, he unwinds by cooking or baking, and writing poetry.

Lisa de LucaBA Fine Arts & Art RestorationLisa is an artist and writer with degrees in Fine Art (BFA) and Art Restoration from FIT in New York. Her professional experience includes years as a gilder and restorer with clients including Sotheby's, Christie's, and The Metropolitan Museum of Art, and as an art broker working for a number of gallerists and antique dealers. Lisa's areas of interest are the history and art of the late Roman Republic and Roman Empire, Italy between 1450-1650, and Tudor England.

Lou MoBA Art History w/ Chinese Art & Asian Studies concentrationI graduated with BA in Art History from McGill University and later studied Chinese Art in the Asian Studies division of Paris' École des hautes études en sciences sociales.

Lynnie McIlvainBA Art HistoryFrom Washington, Lynnie is an alumna of the Clark College where she primarily studied Art History and English. There she was recognized by two in-house awards for her poetry. She is now a current student at the University of Puget Sound and majors in Classics and Ancient Mediterranean Studies. She is passionate about writing, literature, and her work in the nonprofit field.

Maanasi Josephina BaaMA Art History, BA MathematicsMaanasi is a writer and musician. She has a Master's degree in Arts from JNU, New Delhi, and an undergraduate degree in Mathematics from Delhi University. She's been traveling the Indian subcontinent for over half a decade. She currently living the beach life in Goa.

Maria DragatakisBA Classics, Classical Languages and LiteratureMaria Dragatakis lives and works in Athens, Greece as an International Productions Coordinator for a local theater company. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Classics and Classical Languages and Literatures from Ohio University. Art is her passion which she is been blessed to relish in her daily tasks, in the world of the theater, and the city she lives in with its rich cultural heritage. Her work has taken her around the world in a never-ending journey, always seeking the finer sentiment of euphoria that only art can produce.

Marian VermeulenBA History and PhilosophyMarian has been a devoted student of the ancient world since primary school. She received her BA in History and Philosophy from Hope College and has continued researching and writing on topics of ancient history from the Assyrian Empire to the Roman Empire and everything in between. She enjoys dabbling in historical fiction, but generally finds the actual true individuals of history and their stories more fascinating than any fictional invention. Her other passion is horses, and in her spare time she enjoys starting young horses under saddle and volunteer training for the local horse rescue.

Marie-Joelle EschmannSotheby’s Institute of Art CertificateMarie-Joëlle works as a communication specialist and contributing writer. Originally from Switzerland, she is currently living in Istanbul from where she travels to ancient historical sites such as Ephesos in Turkey or Persepolis in Iran. She has a deep interest in art and art history and holds a certificate from the Sotheby’s Institute of Art.

Marie-Madeleine RenauldMA & BA Art History and ArchaeologyMarie-Madeleine is a contributing writer and antique furniture restorer. She holds an MA and BA in Art History and Archaeology from the Catholic University of Louvain (UCL), Belgium. She also followed training in antique furniture restoration. In her free time, she enjoys creative activities, and hiking through the Swiss mountains where she now lives.

Marija VucicBA Natural Sciences and GraphicsBased in Zagreb, Croatia, I am a contributing writer and an aspiring poetry writer. Graduating from the University of Zagreb in Natural Sciences and Graphics, I value the importance of visual arts and design. As a former journalism student, I possess a fair amount of knowledge regarding literary journalism. I am very passionate about anything concerning films, music, and culture at large.

Marta FaticaMSc Comparative Politics, BA Political Science and Classical CivilizationsMarta has a B.A. in Political Science and Classical Civilizations from UC Berkeley and an MSc in Comparative Politics from LSE. Originally from California, she spent her summers as a child wandering through Roman ruins and now resides in England. In addition to her native English and Italian, Marta spent over ten years studying Latin. Her areas of interest are Greco-Roman mythology, Latin poems, as well as contemporary European politics. When she isn’t at home reading or baking, Marta can be found spending hours in museums and trying new restaurants.

Matthew FitzgeraldBA English Literature and PhilosophyMatthew is a student of the Open University, majoring in English Literature and Philosophy, with a view for postgraduate study in the latter. His writing has been commended in international competitions, most recently winning him second place in the Benjamin Franklin House Literary Prize. When not reading or writing, Matthew can be found traveling. In particular, he is an avid deep-sea wreck diver, having dived many historical wrecks, especially those of the Red Sea.

Mia ForbesBA in ClassicsMia is a contributing writer from London, with a passion for literature and history. She holds a BA in Classics from the University of Cambridge. Both at work and at home, Mia is surrounded by books, and enjoys writing about great works of fiction and poetry. Her first translation is due to be published next year.

Michael ArnoldBA Art History, MA Ancient Mediterranean ArchaeologyMichael is a contributing writer and former world traveler whose hometown is New York City. He spent the majority of 2019 exploring Europe, the Middle East, and North Africa. And currently, he’s studying for a masters degree in Ancient Mediterranean Archaeology at the University of Pavia in Italy. In his spare time, Michael enjoys researching and writing about art, history, and archaeology with a focus on the ancient world.

Michael BurleighBritish Author and Historian; winning the Pollard, Dolley, Sir William Mayer, and Samuel Johnson prizesProfessor Michael Burleigh was educated at University College London. He worked as an academic for 18 years, including posts at New College, Oxford; the London School of Economics; Cardiff University, Stanford, and Rutgers. He has published many books including The Racial State; Death and Deliverance; Germany Turns Eastwards; The Third Reich; Earthly Powers and Sacred Causes; Blood and Rage; and Moral Combat: A History of WW2. These have been translated into 20 languages, including Italian. In 2001, he won the Samuel Johnson Prize for Non-Fiction, as well as three prizes for TV documentaries based on his work, notably a British Film Institute Award for Archival Achievement in 1991. He writes commentaries and reviews on international affairs for many newspapers from the Wall Street Journal and London Times to the Daily Mail.

Michael CrowleyBA Art History & English LiteratureMichael is completing a Master of Education in Galway, Ireland, and has been obsessed with the Ancient World since he was a child. First, an anime on TV interested him in Egypt, then the lives of Roman Leaders pulled him to Rome. In University he studied the Medieval World and has done nothing but expand his knowledge since graduating. He can speak and read Latin, Irish and Spanish, and hopes to start Ancient Greek soon. Otherwise, he can be found cycling, playing music, and trying to expand his language capabilities.

Michael SchubertBA History, WSET 3 Certificate in WineMichael Schubert is a Sommelier, Wine Writer, and Wine Educator based in the San Francisco Bay Area. He has been working in wine for 5+ years and is extremely passionate about sharing the grape juice gospel. He has experience in restaurants, wine bars, retail wine shops, wine distributors, and wineries. He has attained the WSET 3 Certificate in Wine, and is currently a WSET Diploma Candidate. He also holds a BA in History from Santa Clara University, and is in the US Army Reserve.

Michael SmathersBA HIstory w/ focus on Medieval PeriodsI am an avid student of history with a focus on medieval periods, specifically the Kamakura period of Japan. I am four years into a BA in history at the University of West Georgia. I also study various martial arts disciplines and have an interest in ancient mythologies.

Michaela SimonovaMA Comparative Religions & Museum GuideMichaela has strong interest in history of religions, history of art, symbolism and modern interpretations of myths. With Masters degree in Comparative religion studies, she focuses on ancient religions and concept of religious symbolism in modern culture. Michaela is also interested in the history of ancient art and artefacts, especially ritual objects. She worked as a cataloguer of ancient artefacts in London, and she is currently guiding visitors in Danubiana Meulensteen Art Museum or recording new episodes for her podcast ArtStory.

Monique GallowayBA ArchaeologyI’m a former Australian soldier and historical archaeologist with a degree from the University of Sydney. After almost 20 years as a practicing archaeologist I now live in Cambodia and was running a social enterprise to help improve lives here. I have a special interest in the layers of history of a site and evidence of subversion, especially ancient graffiti on monuments.

Monisha ChoudharyBA Art HistoryMonisha is a researcher, writer, and artist pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Arts and in Law from Tribhuvan University, Nepal. She has been engaged in performance arts, as a performer and a facilitator; and takes a keen interest in philosophy and politics.

Nathaniel SmithBA Political Science /Int’l Relations Concentration, former NASA CommanderNathaniel is an Aviation and Space enthusiast who served in a volunteer capacity assisting young children in camp learn about space (Edmonton Space & Science Center 1996-2000). Private pilot’s license holder and holder of a B.A. with a major in Political Science specializing in International Relations. Obtained a tuition scholarship to NASA’S Space Camp where he served as Commander of a simulated space shuttle mission (1999).

Nicole B. HansenPhD & MA in Egyptology, BA EgyptologyNicole B. Hansen received her PhD and MA in Egyptology from the University of Chicago and her BA in Egyptology from UC Berkeley. She worked for the Giza Plateau Mapping Project at the Giza Pyramids and for the Theban Mapping Project’s Cairo office. She taught courses on Egyptian art, language and culture at the University of Chicago, the American University in Cairo and Amideast. She has a special interest in the continuity of ancient Egyptian culture until the present day, animals, medicine, magic and culinary history and lives in a village in Luxor a short distance from the archaeological sites.

Olivia LandBA Art HistoryOlivia Land is a contributing writer based in New York City. Currently finishing a BA in Art History at Barnard College, Olivia recently served as a contributor and editor at Make Muse, where she wrote about visual culture and contemporary social politics. She also has a diverse background in the fine art world, including a past role as Director of Curriculum for Meet Me at the Museum, a non-profit providing tours of the Metropolitan Museum of Art to public school students. When not museum hopping or writing, she can probably be found reading, running, or doing crosswords.

Olivia MollerBA Languages & Culture, in progressOlivia is completing her BA in Languages and Culture. Reading, writing, embroidery, and film photography are just a few of her hobbies. She is passionate about ancient history and believes that it is valuable in understanding our current lives. There is nothing new under the sun, but she loves discovering more about what and who the sun used to shine on.

Owen RustMA Economics in progress w/ MPAOwen is a high school teacher and college adjunct in West Texas. He has an MPA degree from the University of Wyoming and is close to completing a Master’s in Finance and Economics from West Texas A&M. He has taught World History, U.S. History, and freshman and sophomore English at the high school level, and Economics, Government, and Sociology at the college level as a dual-credit instructor and adjunct. His interests include Government and Politics, Economics, and Sociology.

Paulina WegrzynBA Classical Studies, w/ focus on Greek and Roman ArchaeologyPaulina earned an undergraduate degree in Classical Studies from the University of Western Ontario, with an emphasis on Greek and Roman Archaeology, before completing her Master’s in physical therapy at the University of Toronto. Despite her new career focus, she continues to learn and write about the ancient world, as it will always have a soft spot in her heart.

Philip HoejmePhD PhilosophyPhilip is a doctoral student pursuing a degree in Philosophy at the Polish Academy of Sciences in Warsaw. The main focal point of Philip's research is related to the intersection between third wave feminist thought and the Frankfurt School. Philip has also published essays on Transhumanism, Psychoanalysis, and critical pieces on contemporary culture.

Philippa OgdenMA History of MedicinePhilippa Ogden has a passion for history and holds a MA in the History of Medicine from Newcastle University. She is particularly interested in perceptions of the body within the early modern period. In her spare time, she is a keen musician who plays old-time and bluegrass fiddle in her hometown of North-East England.

Raz EshelFormer IDF Paratrooper, Military History, Middle EastRaz is a former IDF paratrooper company commander, he is passionate about military history and the Middle East. During his service, he accumulated a profound knowledge of the region and its history.

Robert C. L. HolmesMA Ancient & Medieval History, BA ArchaeologyRobert Holmes has an MA in Ancient & Medieval History and a BA in Archaeology. He is an independent historian and author, who specializes in the Military History of the Ancient and Medieval World and has published over a dozen articles on related topics. Originally from Massachusetts, he now lives in Florida where he works doing public history leading tours, giving lectures, and educating people about the local history.

Robin GillhamBA History, MA Russian & Post-Soviet Politics Robin is a keen collector of Soviet artifacts and documents that he has found during his travels across the former Soviet Union especially. He has written two dissertations on the social impact of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster and traveled to the abandoned nuclear town of Pripyat. He also has a passion for Ancient History and the origins of modern consciousness among early civilizations. He holds a BA in History from Bangor University and an MA in Russian and Post-Soviet politics from UCL. In his spare time, he explores abandoned military facilities.

Rory TrifonPresident, Estate of Richard BernsteinRory Trifon is the President of The Estate of Richard Bernstein. He formally established The Estate of Richard Bernstein in 2018 with the main purpose to perpetuate Bernstein’s artistic legacy through the preservation and circulation of his artwork and archives. The Estate works to exhibit his artworks and to be a source of accurate information about the life and work of Richard Bernstein.

Rosie LessoMA Contemporary Art Theory, BA Fine ArtRosie is a contributing writer and artist based in Scotland. She has produced writing for a wide range of arts organizations including Tate Modern, The National Galleries of Scotland, Art Monthly, and Scottish Art News, with a focus on modern and contemporary art. She holds an MA in Contemporary Art Theory from the University of Edinburgh and a BA in Fine Art from Edinburgh College of Art. Previously she has worked in both curatorial and educational roles, discovering how stories and history can really enrich our experience of art.

Sabine CasparieMA Modern & Contemporary Art, BA Art HistorySabine is an art historian born in the Netherlands and based in London. Originally a lawyer, Sabine then gained a Graduate Diploma in History of Art from The Courtauld Institute of Art and a Masters in Modern and Contemporary Art from Christie's Education. Sabine leads art tours in London and teaches classes on Zoom for adults and children. She writes a blog on contemporary art.

Sara PapicMA & BA in PhilosophySara Papic holds a BA in philosophy from the University of Belgrade and is completing her MA in philosophy in Parma, Italy with a thesis on vagueness. Her primary interests include logic, metaphysics, the philosophy of language and their relationship, but she is irreparably curious about all human endeavors. She enjoys cooking for others and puzzles of any kind.

Sarah MoxeyMSc by Research in Scottish History, MA (Hons) HistorySarah is in the final stages of completing her PhD in Scottish History and works part-time as a Special Collections Librarian at a national institution. She has diverse interests across British and Scottish history from 1600-1960, but her areas of expertise are politics, identity, and monarchy. In her spare time, she enjoys reading, writing, and Irish dancing.

Sasha SavenkoBA Art History w/ Contemporary Art and Theory ConcentrationSasha is an artist and musician from Richmond, Virginia. She received a B.A. in Art History from the University of Washington, Seattle, with a focus in Contemporary Art Theory and Architecture. When not reading or writing, she dedicates her time to interdisciplinary practice in visual arts, music, film, and critical theory.

Selena McGonnellMSc Museum Studies, BS HistorySelena is a contributing writer and museologist from the United States. She holds an MSc in Museum Studies from the University of Glasgow, and a BS in History. She has a passion for museums and heritage with research interests in collections of colonial context, curatorial practices, art provenance, and British history.

Simran SoodBA History and Anthropology (in-progress)Simran works independently as a writer and researcher. She is a student of History and Anthropology. Currently, she is assisting in the writing of an archaeological and historical book. She is also a part-time assistant for philosopher Volker Zotz. When she’s not busy typing at the rate of sixty words per minute, you can find her lazing around and hopelessly devouring historical romance dramas.

Stefanie GrafMA in progress, BA in Art HistoryStefanie is completing her bachelor’s degree in art history at the University of Vienna, Austria. She will commence her master’s degree next semester. She has a passion for modern and contemporary art, architecture, and art theory. Interested in researching and reading about the impact art has on the viewer and on society, Stefanie believes that art can change, question and shape the way we think and live.

Stella PolyzoidouBA Archaeology and Art HistoryStella is a writer, fashion editor, website owner of Silk Pastelle and a cat lover with a BA in Archaeology and Art History from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. When she doesn't write about fashion and art, she watches biographical films and reads about different cultures. She completed her internship at MOMus Museum and she's currently doing her MA in Museum Studies.

Susan MastenMA Anthropology, BA Biblical ArchaeologySusan is a contributing author who specializes in the archaeology of the Mediterranean and the ancient Near East. She holds a M.A. in Anthropology from George Washington University and a B.A. in Biblical Archaeology from Wheaton College. She has worked with museum collections from around the world including the Smithsonian, the Israel Antiquities Authority, Hebrew University, and the Field Museum. Her main fields of interest include Greco-Roman history and archaeology, the archaeology of Israel, and museum anthropology. In her spare time, she enjoys rock climbing, watching cultural documentaries, and walking her dog, Apollo.

Taija HurriMA History of Art, UGDip History of Art and Art-world PracticeTaija is an alumna of the University of Glasgow and Christie’s Education. She graduated with a MA from the Courtauld Institute, writing her thesis on early Florentine printmaking. Her research interests are varied, as she loves uncovering the overlooked minutiae of objects, buildings, and historical periods.

Tatiana ValenteArchaeologist, Field Archaeologist, and Researcher Tatiana is an archaeologist and researcher in Classical and Middle Eastern History, graduated at Porto University (Portugal). Her main lines of research are on social, economic and political relationships, with a focus on the ceramic and metal artefacts found on excavations. She is also fascinated by religious and military viewpoints of ancient societies. She believes that History must be understood, and not simply observed through its remnants. Because history tends to repeat itself, knowledge about the past can allow us to better understand our present, and thus prepare us for the future.

Tea FumićMA HistoryTea Fumić holds an MA in History and worked as a field archaeologist, curator and museum educator. She specializes in researching and writing about ancient civilizations, religions and mythologies. Her areas of expertise are auxiliary historical sciences, mainly numismatics and epigraphy.

Tejus MenonBA (Hons) Political ScienceTejus is a contributing writer and performance artist based in India and has a BA Hons in Political Science from the University of Delhi. He is a Butoh dancer and theatre maker with a focus on making interdisciplinary work. He enjoys the outdoors, from sailing in the Arabian Sea to hiking in the high Himalayas.

Thomas EllisonBA & MPhil in Literature w/ focus on PoetryThomas works as a writer and lives in Leeds UK. He has a BA and an MPhil in Literature with a focus on poetry. In his spare time, he makes music and has interests in the Tarot, the I Ching, and visual art.

Tim LakeMA & BA Jazz Studies, w/ studies in PhilosophyTim is a musician, educator, and writer who is originally from the UK but now based in Tokyo. He holds a BA and MA in Jazz studies and has also studied philosophy at an undergraduate level. He plays drums, buys too many books, and uses interesting things to teach English to adults. His areas of interest range widely from ancient philosophy to jazz history to the Japanese concept of wabi-sabi.

Tomas SkinnerMA Asian Studies, MA ArchaeologyTomás works as a field archaeologist and is due to start a Master's program in Regional and Urban Planning this September. His professional background in archaeology, critical heritage studies, and museology has given him a deep interest in the importance of heritage to individuals, communities, and nation-states. His main research interest is in the study of the Silk Road – the history, archaeology, art, and contemporary cultures of Central Asia and East Asia. Other interests include UNESCO World Heritage, urban heritage and urban renewal, Irish heritage, the material culture of Chinese literati, and global tea culture.

Truman ChambersBFA Two-Dimensional StudiesA painter and contributing writer from Toledo, Ohio. Truman graduated from Bowling Green State University with a BFA in Two-Dimensional Studies.

Turner CollinsBA HistoryTurner has always had a passion for history and a love of sharing this with others. Having worked with a number of museums on his native Vancouver Island he hopes that his interest proves infectious with others. Having completed his BA in History in 2021 he looks forwards to continuing with his academic learning in pursuit of a MA. When possible he loves to travel, seeking to gather as many new experiences as possible wher-ever he can.

Valeria LucchinelliMFA & MA in Sculpture and Fine ArtsValeria is a contributing writer and art educator. She holds an MFA and an MA in Sculpture and Fine Arts from the Beijing Central Academy of Fine Arts. She is passionate about art theory and philosophy, as well as Chinese art and culture having lived in China for over thirteen years. She is now based in Italy where she works as an art educator and writer.

Varun GuptaBA History & English Literature Varun was part of the winning team for the 2018 Berlin International History Olympiad. He has an avid interest in alternate history and science fiction. He enjoys reading, music, and travel.

Vedran BiletaMA in Late Antique, Byzantine, and Early Modern History, BA in HistoryVedran is a doctoral researcher, based in Budapest. His main interest is Ancient History, in particular the Late Roman period. When not spending time with the military elites of the Late Roman West, he is sharing his passion for history with those willing to listen. In his free time, Vedran is wargaming and discussing Star Trek.

Vladislav TchakarovBA HistoryVladislav Tchakarov is a History student at Sofia University in Bulgaria and a contributing writer at TheCollector. Originally from Bulgaria, he moved to the Netherlands to work and study Business Management before realizing that his passion for history is too great which lead to his return to Bulgaria and the beginning of his History studies.

Wessam SamieMBA Marketing, MA ScienceWessam is a Science professional with a passion for history, anthropology, and heritage. She earned an MBA degree from AAST. In her spare time, Wessam enjoys reading and writing about history-related topics.

Zoe MannBA Art HistoryZoë is a graduate student living in Los Angeles studying screenwriting. Originally from New York, she received her B.A. in Art History from Pace University. She has worked in art galleries in Manhattan and the Art Institute of Chicago. In her free time, she loves researching for her historical fiction projects and playing with her cat, Harrison.