Alexandra Karg

Alexandra Karg
Hey! I am Alexandra Karg. I am researching, writing and lecturing on topics in the field of art and culture. In my hometown of Berlin I completed my studies in literature and art history. Since then I have been working as a journalist and writer. Besides writing, it is my passion to read, travel and visit museums and galleries. On TheCollector.com you will find articles by me about art and culture, especially about topics referring to the 20th century and the present.

Ed Ruscha’s Innovative Approach To Artist’s Books

  The American artist Ed Ruscha is associated with the rise of the Pop art movement as well as conceptual art. Ruscha has worked in...

Conceptual Art: The Revolutionary Movement Explained

  Ed Ruscha started this project in the 1960s and is still working on his documentation of Los Angeles today. In the past decades,...

Christian Schad: Important facts about the German artist and his work

The German painter Christian Schad, born in 1894, was one of the most important representatives of the art movement Neue Sachlichkeit

5 Things You Need To Know About Egon Schiele

Egon Schiele was an important representative of Austrian expressionism. Although the artist had a very short life and career – Schiele died at the age of 28 – his oeuvre was extensive.

Henri Matisse: 8 outstanding paintings by the French Fauvist

The French artist Henri Matisse is one of the most important painters of the 20th century. Besides painting, he worked in a variety of media such as sculpture and paper cut-outs.

Paul Klee: Life and work of the German artist

With an incredibly large number of graphics, drawings and paintings. The German artist is said to have drawn and painted most of his artworks

10 things you should definitely know about KAWS 

When you hear the name Kaws, what are you thinking of? Right, it’s these sculptures, an interpretation of Mickey Mouse with x-ed eyes.

Banksy – The Renowned British Graffiti Artist

Banksy is one of the most sought-after artists of the present and a cultural icon. At the same time, the artist is personally unknown.

James Simon: The Owner Of The Nefertiti Bust

With the bust of Nefertiti, James Simon not only donated one of the most considerable treasures to the Berlin museum. He also ensured that his patronage gave them international standing.