Apple Sneakers at Sotheby’s Sale

Apple Sneakers, Which are Custom Made for Apple Employees, Will Go on Sale at Sotheby's, the Auction House Announced.

Jul 26, 2023By Angela Davic, News, Discoveries, In-depth Reporting, and Analysis
Apple Sneakers.
Apple Sneakers


Apple Sneakers are unique, and so is their story. In this corporate house, they were created as a design for employees. Also, the idea for these specific sneakers combines top modern ideas: technology, footwear and Sotheby’s, as the world’s leading auction house. Apple and Sotheby’s representatives hope that the auction will be a great success.


Apple Sneakers in 10.5 Size

apple line store
Queue in front of the Apple store, Robert Way, via


One of the primary questions is certainly the price of this “luxury” good. Well, it amounts to $50,000. One of the more interesting pieces of information is in size, which is 10.5. Hardly anyone wears this number, but design representatives explained their reasons. “They are custom-made for Apple employees as a one time giveaway during a at a National Sales Conference in the mid-’90s”.


During the 80s, Apple had, let’s say, a “more creative edition”. That release included designing clothes and jewelry. This included lots of stuff: umbrellas, hand-blown crystal beer mugs, the sneakers. They also included a collaboration with Omega Sports and a brand of the vintage rainbow Apple logo.


Sotheby’s, auction house, Paris.


But, they never saw the light of day and potential buyers never got to see them. Many decades later, in the modern age, a similar process took place. In 2016, Heritage auctioneers listed a comparable combination with a $30,000 estimation. What happened next?

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Sotheby’s “Buy Now” Marketplace

Sotheby's 2023 Auction, Magritte Surrealism
Sotheby’s auctioneer during the March 2 ‘Now’ Evening sale in London.


A few years later, in 2018, Heritage auction house’s director of modern and contemporary art Leon Benrimon told Esquire magazine the shoes were thought to have been a prototype of which there were only two existing pairs.


The collaboration with Omega shoes is just one of multiple joint ventures by Apple, which, according to the auction house, would reach out to leading brands for products that were “outside of its zone of expertise”.


A Restituted Kandinsky
Wassily Kandsinky, View of Murnau with Church (1910). Photo courtesy of Sotheby’s London.


The shoes are not going up for auction, but rather are being sold directly through Sotheby’s “Buy Now” marketplace. Luckily for those willing to spend five figures on a pair of impossible-to-find sneakers, shipping is complimentary.

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