Banksy Mural in Ukraine Gets Protection From Thieves

Banksy Mural in Ukraine Is Now Protected by the Authorities, Who Installed High-Protective Glass Around It, in Order to Protect It From Thieves.

Feb 27, 2023By Angela Davic, News, Discoveries, In-depth Reporting, and Analysis
Banksy Mural
Banksy street art, Ukraine.


Banksy mural in Ukraine finally got a proper protection. Ukraine’s authorities decided to install a high-protective glass around it. This can serve as a prevention against theft. Also, to maintain the security of the mural due to armed conflicts with Russia, which are still ongoing. This is an addition to previously set up cameras around the mural, which alerts the authorities of stealing.


Banksy Mural – a Reminder That Light Overcomes the Darkness

A protective glass case seals the art piece. FUTURE PUBLISHING VIA GETTY IMAGES


Kyiv’s Regional Military Administration said Wednesday the installed glass is completely impact-resistant. This installation can protect many street murals from different conditions. For example, from thieves, vandals, current war and climate conditions. Although war, as a factor, is not clearly stated in the report, the protection also implies to this factor.


Banksy’s street art saw the light of the day in Ukraine when the war started. More precisely, when Russia invaded Ukraine. The invasion affected Banksy’s aspiration to show his art in Ukraine as well. According to the organization’s vice leader Oleg Torkunov, the artworks “have cultural and historical significance for the country as a reminder that light must overcome darkness”.




Europe’s Ajax Systems implemented the surveillance system. Already mentioned cameras and high-protective glass could be a great way to fight vandalism. Torkunov expressed gratitude towards security engineers and everyone else working around this sensitive question. He also said it is important to always find a way to fight vandalism, especially now when there is so much of it.

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Unknown Data on Government Expenditures For the Project

This photograph taken on December 3, 2022 shows a cut off of the wall of a damaged building from where a group people tried to steal a work of the famous British artist BanksyDIMITAR DILKOFF/AFP or licensors


The above stated company completely fenced off the murals. They also added a “life quality” sensor to gauge the humidity and temperature. If anything changes, those monitoring the condition of the mural will be notified immediately and can act quickly. For this to work, needed were 21 sensors and five central security systems. 


Also, the steady power source is not necessary for sensors. The hub communicates with the sensors up to 1,700 meters away, and in less than 0.15 seconds, it alerts the security firm about the alarm. All three of Banksy’s art installations—in Borodyanka, Irpen, and Gorenka—have a variation of the Ajax security system installed.




But, how much money the local government will spend on this protection or how long the protection will be in place. But because of previous events, it is good if the protection stays as long as possible. Police detained eight people in December after they attempted to steal a mural depicting a lady wearing a gas mask and holding a fire extinguisher.

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