Cj Hendry’s New “Plaid” Exhibition Liberates Our Inner Child

Cj Hendry's New "Plaid" Exhibition Liberates Our Inner Child Through Creating a Playground for Adults, Called "Plaidground".

Apr 20, 2023By Angela Davic, News, Discoveries, In-depth Reporting, and Analysis
CJ Hendry's
Source: Cj Hendry Studio


Cj Hendry’s exhibitions always bring something new to the world of art. This time at Brooklyn, she represents her newest work – a playground for adults, or otherwise called “Plaidground”. “Plaid” exhibition also includes a set of two-dimensional drawings with dry brush strokes and perpendicular lines. The exhibition is taking place in Brooklyn, and is open until April 23.


Cj Hendry’s Exhibition Thematizes Nostalgia and Play

CJ Hendry's
Source: Cj Hendry Studio


Cj Hendry is a Brooklyn-based conceptual artist. This is also her tenth solo exhibition. She is  presenting her brand-new collection of enormous, hyper-realistic pencil drawings. Everything is in heuristic method. The playground and painting work in symmetry, where the playground mimics the patterns of the works. The exhibition covers a 5,000 sqft labyrinth installation.


The artist spoke about her vision and expectations for the works and exhibition. “I would love for each original artwork to only be able to be viewed as the entire experience, it brings such a greater depth to the genre of hyperrealism”. Also, she said the theme is nostalgia and play. “Plaid encourages the viewer to connect with the inner child and experience the simplicity of joy before growing up and feeling the burden of adulthood”, she added.


Plaid Exhibition
Source: Cj Hendry Studio


Everything started with wordplay (Plaid and Play). “I thought, how great would it be for a playground to be a public art sculpture? My practice is autonomous, and trying to work with a government body on a park project presents many challenges. So, I said, fuck it! I’ll do
it myself”, she said. The interesting thing is also that she said to Artnet News she never visited an indoor playground before this.

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Not Static but Active and Playful Exhibitions

Source: Cj Hendry Studio


A successful sold-out run last weekend. Visitors needed a ticket, but this time is first come first serve. Entry costs $10 and comes with a free pair of socks. In addition to keeping visitors comfortable, they allegedly prevent our feet from contaminating the display. Free socks, too! If that’s still not enough for you, you may also buy scarves and puzzles. The exhibition is located at 220 Newel Street in Greenpoint, Brooklyn and is open from 10-6pm.


Cj Hendry (b. 1988) is a New York-based artist originally from Brisbane, Australia. Hendry transforms her fascination with contemporary material culture into large-scale, hyper-photorealistic drawings. Her exhibitions are not only for observation, but also for active participation. For example, her “Monochrome” exhibition there was a full “home” with multiple rooms in a warehouse.


Plaid artwork
Source: Cj Hendry Studio


In order to witness the stunning series for “Rorschach”, visitors had to navigate a huge inflatable maze. Each Cj Hendry exhibit, from Miami to Melbourne, draws massive crowds. With her celebrity clientele – and many works in private collections – Hendry’s waitlist is now over 12,000 collectors.

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