Coach Rusty’s Art Goes Interactive With Top Tier Authentics

Coach Rusty and Top Tier Authentics expanded partnership offers fans a new way of engaging with their favorite artworks and artists.

Feb 28, 2024By Angela Davic, News, Discoveries, In-depth Reporting, and Analysis
Coach Rusty
Coach Rusty and Art Wall. Source: Bob Gold & Associates.


Coach Rusty and Top Tier Authentics (TTA) expanded their partnership, offering fans and collectors an entirely new way to engage with their favorite works of art and artists. Every one of Coach Rusty’s original works and prints will feature TTA’s patented technology and digital Certificates of Authenticity (COA).


Who Is Coach Rusty?

Coach Rusty
Coach Rusty. Source: artist’s official Facebook page.


Before we continue with the story, here is a little insight into who Coach Rusty is and how he chose his career. Ryan Rustand, Coach Rusty on social media, has been sculpting and crafting great trick shots since before he can recall. Before embracing the world of trick shots, Rustand aspired to be a high-level golfer. He formerly ran junior golf programs in Virginia, where he gained his nickname.


He relocated to Florida with the aim of taking his game to the professional level. After some time, golf became a “grind” for him, and he discovered that he no longer loved the game as much as he once did. Around 2015, he started posting golf-related videos on social media, with no clue where this was going to lead him. “When I first started posting videos on social media, I wanted to take the creativity I had and implement it into the game I am so passionate about”, Rustand writes on his webpage.


But, soon, he started searching for a new creative outlet within the game of golf. In 2022, he developed an idea of doing the same things, just on canvas. “Why not try to make something that would actually look cool hanging on my wall?”, he continues. Since 2022, he has been experimenting with different ways of implementing golf into creative artwork. “This is art for golfers by a golfer. I don’t have a clue where this will go, but I promise I will continue to show my passion for this game through the creative expression of art”, he concludes.


Celebrating Arnold Palmer and National Umbrella Day

Coach Rusty
Umbrella Day Print, by the artist. Source: Bob Gold & Associates.

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Fast forward to 2024 and his collaboration with TTA, which brought many changes for the artist. “Top Tier Authentics has entirely changed the way I connect with fans, artists and golf enthusiasts”, says Ryan Rustand (Coach Rusty). “Instead of a mundane paper COA, the TTA Certificate brings each piece to life with interactive, shareable and truly authentic experiences. It’s a major differentiator, and my fans absolutely love it”.


Each piece includes behind-the-scenes looks into Coach Rusty’s art-making process. Also, to his stories and inspirations fuelling his art, early access to his latest collections and best prices.


Coach Rusty’s latest work and collaboration with TTA celebrated Arnold Palmer and National Umbrella Day. It features his signature golf splatter designs alongside Palmer’s iconic umbrella logo. The artwork, including an original piece and 37 limited-edition prints authenticated by TTA, sparked tremendous excitement. Every one of the items sold out in under 24 hours. Proceeds will support the Arnold & Winnie Palmer Foundation.



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“Coach Rusty bridges the gap between sports and art in a way we’ve never seen before”, said Andrew Rosen, Co-founder of TTA. “Our partnership with Coach Rusty showcases how TTA can enhance connections with fans and give each piece of artwork a life and story of its own. It’s an interactive and engaging experience that transcends authenticity”. “Coach Rusty‘s art is not just visually stunning, but also tells a compelling story and brings people together. His work and influence extend far beyond the golfing community”, added Dima Azarenko, Co-founder of Top Tier Authentics.


Commissioned Work for Many Organizations, Brands and Celebrities

Top Tier Authentics (TTA)
TTA Certificate on Artwork. Source: Bob Gold & Associates.


Coach Rusty’s art blends the same intricate setups, precise timing, and high level of skill and creativity required for his famous golf trick shots. To date, Rusty has commissioned specialized TTA-authenticated works for athletes, charities, celebrities, and brands, such as Jason Day, Travis Matthew, Josh Allen, the Ernie Els Foundation for Autism, and many others.


When it comes to Top Tier Authentics (TTA), the platform offers verification technology to solve the biggest problem for collectors: how to know if merchandise is genuine and authentic. Its proprietary platform enables instant product certification while bringing real-time, immersive consumer experiences with video certificates of authenticity (COAs). TTA offers a simple, turn-key solution to increase the value of products and merchandise, while connecting with consumers and collectors on a deeper level.

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