Claude Picasso Died at Age 76

Claude Picasso, Youngest Son of Spanish Artist Pablo Picasso and Manager of His Life Work, Died at Age 76.

Aug 27, 2023By Angela Davic, News, Discoveries, In-depth Reporting, and Analysis


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Claude Picasso Via Getty Images


Claude Picasso was the youngest son of the Spanish artist, Pablo Picasso. He also managed Picasso’s life work and estate. Claude was born in 1947 and worked as photographer Richard Avedon’s assistant. However, his role became even bigger back in 1989. Then, the court authority decided that the control of Picasso’s estate belonged to him. Last month, he assigned the management of the estate to his daughter Paloma.


Claude Picasso Received France’s Greatest Honor

modern artists picasso fishing painting, Claude
Night Fishing at Antibes 1939, via MoMA, New York


Managing the estate was not simple. He needed to categorize artist’s collection. Also, to put a stop unauthorised copies and counterfeit of the artist’s oeuvre. There was also a lawsuit by his half sister Maya Widmaier-Picasso because he granted permission to Peugeot-Citroen in 1999, for allowing company to use Spanish artist’s name and initals. She said he disrespected his father’s name for his own personal gain and money.


But in 2011, France gave Claude the Légion d’Honneur, the country’s greatest honour, in recognition of his efforts for the benefit of the property. “I never expected or desired to have any kind of role like this, or have any influence over my father’s legacy”, Claude previously said to John Richardson, Spanish artist’s biographer.


Spanish artist's youngest son
Spanish artist’s youngest son. Getty Images.


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Larry Gagosian (Gagosian Quarterly) spoke about Claude: “[Claude] was a dedicated guardian and interpreter of his father’s legacy, leading the Picasso Administration since its founding and enthusiastically supporting international scholarship and exhibitions. He was an extraordinary man and a great friend. Our hearts go out to all of Claude’s family. He will be profoundly missed”.


Claude’s Concern About His Father’s Name

Pablo Picasso and his son Claude in 1955. Photo courtesy of Getty Images and Bettmann.


This year marks the 50th anniversary of the artist’s passing, so many exhibition occurred to his honor. Claude expressed his concern a few years ago, how too many exhibitions happened thanks to his father’s role in art world. Also, that the Musée Picasso in Paris was lending art pieces very often. The talented artist Françoise Gilot, Claude’s mom, passed away in June. Her age was 101.


Picasso and Gilot never married each other, despite having son and a daughter. Daughter’s name is Paloma Picasso who designed jewelry. The artists cut off communication with their children following the acrimonius divorce and the publication of her autobiography Life with Picasso, in 1964. Claude wanted to be recognized as Spanish artist’s son and heir, so he filed a lawsuit in 1970.


claude picasso
Photo by Romain LaFabregue, AFP via Getty Images.


Claude won after a heated six-year succession struggle over the assets which was valued at $1.1 billion at the time of artist’s passing in 1973. Claude is survived by his wife, Sylvie Vautier, two children, and another half-sister, Gilot’s daughter Aurelia Engel.

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