Geneva Exhibition Shows Rare Picasso Works

Geneva Exhibition, Hosted at Bailly's Gallery, Spotlights Rare Picasso Works: Ceramics, Paintings and Drawings.

Sep 18, 2023By Angela Davic, News, Discoveries, In-depth Reporting, and Analysis
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Picasso artwork. Via archive


Geneva exhibition hosted at Bailly’s gallery shows rare Picasso’s ceramics, paintings and drawings. The gallery lies at 19 Place Longemalle in Geneva. Overall, the exhibition’s entire focus is on Picasso and his work, so the entire collection carries the “Picasso” name. The entire event focuses on the evolution of Picasso as an artist and his unique talent. Each artifact has its own appeal.


Geneva Exhibition Shows Special Items and Limited Editions

Geneva exhibition of Picasso work
Pablo Picasso, Claude Picasso enfant (1956). Courtesy of Bailly Gallery, Geneva.


Cubism and abstract art are the best representation of the last-century artist’s talent. But, among pictures, he also enjoyed making various ceramic artifacts. Overall, he made more than 3,000 ceramics objects in his life. There are both one-of-a-kind items and limited editions. It contains a variety of fascinating arrangements and themes.


Picasso’s inspiration comes from a variety of sources, including legends, classical antiquity, and ordinary events. Also, the exhibition shows an artwork depicting an artist and framework, Le peintre et som modèle. There is also a collection of paintings and an array of completely distinctive pottery.


geneva exhibition
Installation view of “Picasso” (2023). Courtesy of Bailly Gallery, Geneva.


The show, as a whole, displays a particular and exciting variety from the artist’s body of work, and demonstrates the scope of Picasso’s enormous skill. One porcelain piece among the other items is really intriguing. This is a distinctive portrait of Claude Picasso when he was a kid.

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Claude Picasso Visited the Gallery

Pablo Picasso, Esquisse pour Le Harem (1906). Courtesy of Bailly Gallery, Geneva.


The Picasso Administration gave the authentification to the ceramic piece. Claude knew a lot about the Geneva-based gallery. He attended Bailly Gallery and knew its employees well. This gives the incorporation of the pottery an aura of melancholy. It also functions as a modest homage to him, given that he passed away just last month in August 2023, at the end of the month.


The limited edition porcelain depicting Claude as a youngster provides an unusual chance to observe a fresh, emotional aspect of the renowned artist’s practise, which is complemented by the painting, drawings, and a variety of other ceramics. The exhibition, which offers a succinct but engaging overview of Picasso’s practise, as well as a peek into a less well-known aspect of it, is on display until November 4, 2023.


Pablo Picasso and his son Claude in 1955. Photo courtesy of Getty Images and Bettmann.


Claude Picasso was the youngest son of the Spanish artist, Pablo Picasso. He also managed Picasso’s life work and estate. Claude was born in 1947 and worked as photographer Richard Avedon’s assistant. However, his role became even bigger back in 1989. Then, the court authority decided that the control of Picasso’s estate belonged to him. Last month, he assigned the management of the estate to his daughter Paloma.

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