Poison in Ancient History: 5 Illustrative Examples of its Toxic Use

Looking at 5 illustrative examples from across ancient history, we can see what the complex and sometimes surprising use of poisons reveals about the ancient societies that used them.

Jan 9, 2021By Colin J Campbell, MLitt in Ancient History, BA Ancient History & Civilization
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By Colin J CampbellMLitt in Ancient History, BA Ancient History & CivilizationColin J Campbell is a contributing writer and researcher, living in Melbourne, Australia. He currently writes across a wide range of creative non-fiction topics. He has strong interest in writing, visuals and sounds. Originally from Scotland, Colin studied Ancient History and Civilizations before completing an MLitt (distinction) in Roman history from the University of Newcastle. Focusing on ‘Slave, Bandit and Pirate Disorders’ within Roman Italy, he developed interests in the personal security habits of Romans. Colin also has expert knowledge in a wide range of topics that include military, politics, architecture, society and social issues.