The Anat Ebgi Gallery Expands to Tribeca

The Anat Ebgi Gallery Is Latest Gallery to Expand to Tribeca With New 5,000-Square-Foot Location at 372 Broadway.

Nov 3, 2023By Angela Davic, News, Discoveries, In-depth Reporting, and Analysis
The Anat Ebgi
Via the gallery.


The Anat Ebgi gallery decided to expand to Tribeca. Overall, the gallery gets a new space on a 5,000-square-foot location at 372 Broadway. The iconic facility will include two levels, a mezzanine level, a work area with a screening room and on-site storage. With these reforms, it surpasses the three Los Angeles venues of the gallery. Also, Ebgi makes a daring comeback with Tribeca opening.


The Anat Ebgi Gallery: Nearer to European Clients and NY Art Scene

The Anat Ebgi
Via the gallery.


Ebgi is an East Coast “native” who spent a number of years living in New York. After this, she moved to the Los Angeles in the fall of 2008. She also worked on opening three new venues for her gallery. These are on Wilshire Blvd, Fountain Ave, and La Cienega Blvd. The chance to be nearer to European clients drove the choice to extend to Tribeca, especially at such a huge space.


Also, she wanted to participate in the art scene in New York. “I felt like the energy of New York was just so incredible that I wanted to participate in it and be part of it”, she said. She also pushed senior director Stefano di Paola, the gallery’s collaborator, to look at venues in New York shortly after his spring stay. The realtor and art collector Jonathan Travis was also included in the process.


The new location at 372 Broadway in the Tribeca neighborhood. COURTESY OF ANAT EBGI GALLERY.


Because of the unique art scene in Tribeca, Di Paola was aware that Ebgi preferred living there over Chelsea or other parts of New York. “So many of the galleries that we’re friends with, we love their programs we see ourselves aligned with [them]”, he said.

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Everything Happened “very, very quickly”

The Anat Ebgi
Via the gallery.


Di Paola was looking for an area that seemed important rather than like a “tiny showroom,” in addition to high ceilings, excellent lighting, and a fantastic position. This shold allow Ebgi and her group to produce exceptional performances for its performers. These are Greg Ito, Elias Hansen, and Samantha Thomas.


“Many are from LA, who’ve never shown in New York, or artists who maybe have shown in New York, but like 40 years ago and are due for another exhibition, like Tina Girouard”, Ebgi said. When Ebgi discovered the location close to P.P.O.W. and Andrew Kreps, she remarked that everything happened “very, very quickly”.


the gallery
Via Jonathan Hopson.


“I’m gonna push through even regardless of what is happening in the world, and then because shit is always happening in the world all the time, you know?”, she said on October 12. “I feel like the expansion is really more about the belief and the dedication in the artists and the program”, she added.

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