5 Art Exhibitions To See This Weekend In London And New York

From Baroque painters to contemporary artists, these are the 5 art exhibitions in London and New York that you won’t want to miss. Here are the details.

Oct 9, 2020By Charlotte Davis, BA Art History
Step and Screw: The Star of Code Switching by Trenton Doyle Hancock, 2020 (left); with Fons Americanus by Kara Walker, 2019 (center); and The Art of Light by Brian Clarke, 2020 (right)

London and New York boast some of the world’s most vibrant and innovative art exhibitions. Both cities showcase classical and contemporary artists that define the past, present and future of the art world. Here are 5 art exhibitions in the two cities that you won’t want to miss this weekend!


Art Exhibitions In London: Old And New Names In Art


Artemisia Gentileschi Art Exhibition At The National Gallery 

October 3rd, 2020-January 24th, 2021


Judith Beheading Holofernes by Artemisia Gentileschi, 1620, via Uffizi Galleries, Florence


Artemisia Gentileschi was an artist during the Baroque Period. She was a follower of fellow Baroque artist Caravaggio, one of the most admired painters of his time. Gentileschi’s works are renowned for depicting women with a full spectrum of emotions, accurately representing them as multifaceted humans rather than as two-dimensional subjects of the male gaze. She often portrayed them in powerful, courageous and sometimes dangerous positions. 


The National Gallery boasts the first major art exhibition of her work, which includes her self-portraits, personal letters and two versions of her celebrated Judith Beheading Holofernes. The show is also significant as it is the National Gallery’s first major exhibition of a female artist’s work


Kara Walker: Fons Americanus At The Tate Modern

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Until November 8th, 2020


Fons Americanus by Kara Walker, 2019, via Time Magazine


Kara Walker is an American contemporary artist who confronts and explores themes of racism, gender, sexuality and violence in her work. She is most well-known for her cutout silhouettes, which draw on the horrors of the United States’ white supremacist history to confront modern truths about ongoing racism in society. She produces complex, multifaceted artwork and is among one of the most prolific and defining artists of the 21st century. 


Fons Americanus is a fountain installation standing 13 meters tall. It was inspired by the Victoria Memorial Foundation outside of Buckingham Palace in London. However, rather than celebrate the United Kingdom’s history, the art exhibition confronts imperial Britain’s violent colonial legacy and the relationships between Europe, Africa and America. 


Damien Hirst: End Of A Century At Newport Street Gallery

October 7th, 2020-March 7th, 2021


Myth Explored, Explained, Exploded by Damien Hirst, 1993, via TimeOut


Damien Hirst is a British artist whose multimedia conceptual art challenges traditional notions of art and its relationship to spirituality, life and death. He was one of the Young British Artists (YBAs) who were prominent in the UK during the 1980s and 1990s. He is reportedly the most wealthy living artist in the UK and has held close links with other prolific members of the UK art community, including art collector Charles Saatchi.


The End of a Century art exhibition will cover the most well-known themes of Hirst’s artwork, focusing on his formative years as a contemporary artist during the 1980s and 1990s. It will hold over 50 artworks from this time, featuring pieces with dead animals, which are some of his most famous and controversial. 


Art Exhibitions In New York: Contemporary Artists


Trenton Doyle Hancock: Something American At James Cohan Gallery

September 17th-October 17th, 2020


Step and Screw: The Star of Code Switching by Trenton Doyle Hancock, 2020, via James Cohan Gallery, New York


Trenton Doyle Hancock is an American contemporary artist who works in a variety of media. His eclectic oeuvre blends genres, creating frenetic, comic-book style work that is steeped in dark humor. His most well-known works are the felt-collage paintings of mythical half-animal, half-plant creatures called Mounds, whose tragic, fantastical narratives serve as a commentary on life and death.  


The Something American art exhibition is a poignant series of paintings that explore and confront themes of racism, white supremacy and Black identity in the United States. Rendered in a comic-style, the centerpieces of the show depict Hancock’s alter ego, the superhero Torpedo Boy, meeting a member of the Ku Klux Klan. The art exhibition spans both locations of the James Cohan Gallery, featuring new paintings at one location and the second chapter of the artist’s graphic novel at the other. 


Brian Clarke: The Art Of Light At Museum Of Arts & Design, Hell’s Kitchen 

September 17th, 2020-February 21, 2021


The Art of Light by Brian Clarke, 2020, via The Museum of Arts & Design, Hell’s Kitchen


Brian Clarke is a British architectural and visual artist who is best known for his large-scale stained glass windows and mosaics. His works are highly abstract, utilizing light and symbolism to integrate art and architecture. He has worked in both secular and spiritual spaces and collaborated with major contemporary artists and architects including Linda McCartney, Zaha Hadid and Norman Foster.

The Art of Light is an immersive, multimedia art exhibition showcasing the multifaceted nature of Clarke’s work and his career as a leader in architectural art and technology. It features over 100 works of stained glass, drawings and artistic compositions, with 20 stained glass screens as the art exhibition’s focus.

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