Tupac Shakur’s Crown Ring at Sotheby’s Hip Hop Commemoration

Tupac Shakur’s Self-Designed 'Crown' Ring Could Fetch $300,000 at Sotheby’s Auction Commemorating 50 Years of Hip Hop.

Jul 11, 2023By Angela Davic, News, Discoveries, In-depth Reporting, and Analysis
Tupac Shakur's
Tupac Shakur. Via HipHopDX


Tupac Shakur’s Crown ring consists of diamonds, gold and rubies. This year, the ring will have a main role in representing Sotheby’s 2023 Hip Hop collection. The highest estimate for Tupac’s jewelry is $300.000, and the lowest is $200.000. The auction starts at 18th of July, and ends on 25th. The auction also includes art, fashion, sneakers, jewelry, photography and more.


The Crown Ring – The Self-Crowning

Tupac Shakur's
The Crown Ring. Courtesy of Sotheby’s.


Tupac created the famous ring in 1996, as a way of celebrating the deal with the Death Row Records. Also, to celebrate the fact that he was set free from a New York jail following the posting of bail. The time of the creation of the ring was just before his mysterious murder. Tupac was proud of his creation and wore it on his last public appearance, the 1996 MTV Video Music Awards.


The auction house says that the making of this bow represents a kind of self-crowning. It was created on the model of Central European kings. As kings were crowned to rule the country, Tupac’s coronation bears the symbol of the king of hip-hop and the world of music. “Tupac’s selection of the ruby as the principal stone in his crown is a continuation of this royal narrative”, says Sotheby’s.


Sotheby’s worldwide headquarters on York Avenue, on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, via Wikimedia Commons


Sotheby’s also spoke about the role of the rubies. They are a symbol of power, monarchy and wealth. The ring also bears the inscription “Pac & Dada 1996”, on the band’s palm-facing side. He wanted to celebrate his recent engagement to Kidada Jones, the daughter of Quincy Jones and Peggy Lipton and sister to fellow actress Rashida Jones.

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What Other Artists Are in the Auction?

Sotheby’s, auction house, Paris.


After his tragic death, his godmother, Yaasmyn Fula put the ring up for an auction. The reason behind organizing this auction is a desire to commemorate the significant 50th jubilee of the emergence of the hip-hop genre in The Bronx neighborhood of New York City in 1973. Not only Tupac, but also other hip-hop musicians and rappers will be part of the auction.


Those are Wu-Tang Clan, Nas, Ice-T and Afrika Islam, Fab 5 Freddy, Big Daddy Kane, Futura, Lee Quiñones, UNKLE, and Mo’ Wax founder James Lavelle. Their belongings, which are also a symbol of American hip-hop, will be exhibited as a sign of paying tribute to their contribution to music.


Hip hop challenge to traditional aesthetics music
Hip hop challenge to traditional aesthetics music.


The 50th anniversary of hip hop is being organized by the entertainment company Mass Appeal, which is also planning a series of events across New York City. This also includes  exhibitions at Fotografiska and the Hall des Lumières.

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