Banksy Farmhouse Artwork in Britain Quickly Got Destroyed

Banksy Farmhouse Artwork by the British Seaside Quickly Destroyed by Construction Workers Who Had No Idea It Was His Work.

Mar 18, 2023By Angela Davic, News, Discoveries, In-depth Reporting, and Analysis
Banksy Farmhouse Artwork
Banksy, Morning Is Broken. Photo courtesy of the artist.


Banksy farmhouse artwork is his latest piece of work. But, unfortunate events occurred not so long since the completion of the mural. The contractor workers at the British Seaside town Herne Bay dismantled it almost immediately. The place where Banksy placed his mural is planned for the construction of residential buildings. Also, workers apologized and said they had no idea the mural was his work.


Worker Spoke About Destroying Banksy Farmhouse Artwork – “We were gutted”

Banksy Farmhouse Mural
Banksy shared pictures of the mural and its demise on his Instagram page.(Instagram: Banksy)


Banksy posted photos of his mural on Instagram. Overall, the mural shows a young boy and a cat in a dark shadow. Cats is standing near the boy while he opens the curtains. The mural has a name ‘Morning has broken’. Even though some people suspected it was Banksy’s mural through its characteristics, Banksy confirmed suspicions through his Instagram post.


Although Banksy shared information about the circumstances that led to the mural’s demolition, he did not comment on the title. Some think that he even participated in the demolition of the mural himself. Or, maybe he knew that the place was suitable for demolition, so he wanted to send a message? The artists works in mysterious ways.


The Domestic Violence Mural
The chest freezer from Banksy’s latest mural, Valentine’s Day Mascara, removed for a second time.

Although a large number of opinions were created around this event, information about the actual course of events came to light. Banksy did not participate in the demolition, it was a work of Blacksole Farm’s owner. “We had no idea it was a Banksy”, contractor George Caudwell. He also said he felt very bad when he realized who was really behind this work of art.

“He wanted it destroyed” – Adam Brooks, Fan

Banksy Auction
This photograph taken on December 3, 2022 shows a cut off of the wall of a damaged building from where a group people tried to steal a work of the famous British artist BanksyDIMITAR DILKOFF/AFP or licensors


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After the workers found out which mural it was, they tried to find the demolished parts. Also, to see whether the work is complete. Fortunately, the most important part of the mural remained intact. “It was like the holy grail coming out of a skip”, local Banksy fan Adam Brooks said. Brooks witnessed this event. Brooks also thinks Banksy wanted the piece destroyed. Otherwise, he would immediately post the photos so everyone would know it was his mural.

Also, Banksy’s representatives did not respond to journalists’ questions about this event. Although street art can be destroyed due to the natural factors, some of them attract a lot of attention. Especially Banksy. His murals are expensive, so destroying just one makes headlines. Several more of his works of art came under the influence of uncontrollable circumstances.


Banksy installation
Banksy mural.


For example, when cops arrested men who stole a mural depiscing a woman wearing a gas mask. With this mural he wanted to point attention to unfortunate effects that war brings. Also, there is another one more recent. recent spate of Banksy works in Kent, most prominently Valentine’s Day Mascara.

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