Climate Activists Violated the Case Holding William Wallace’s Sword

Climate Activists From Scotland Violated the Case Holding William Wallace’s Sword and Are Now Facing Trial for Their Doings.

Mar 5, 2023By Angela Davic, News, Discoveries, In-depth Reporting, and Analysis
Climate Activists
The Wallace Monument


Climate activists vandalized the National Wallace Monument at Stirling in a sign of protests. Two Scottish activists smashed glass-case, which held William Wallace’s sword. Overall, Wallace was a knight who engaged in independence battles for Scotland. Protesters acted in the name of the “This is rigged” group. They smashed the glass and then sprayed it.


Climate Activists, Protest and Suffragettes

Climate Activists
Courtesy- STV News


Overall, this incident is a direct message to the Scottish government. They think the government must invest more effort in the green economy. Also, to halt the approval of fresh gas and oil permits. Two protesters act, Luke’s and Xander’s, can be seen in a Twitter video posted by the Just Stop Oil group.


One of the protesters smashed the glass with a rock. The rock had a message on it, saying “Whits fur ye, will no go by ye”. The other’s stone reads: “Your liberties were won by the sword, your rights were won by the suffragettes, we must once again fight for what is right, no new fossil fuels and a fair transition now.” This alludes to suffragette Ethel Moorhead’s campaign in 1912.


A 112 year old refrain.


The group also released a statement referencing to the suffragettes acts, and what they did for the world. During the suffragette campaign, the Wallace sword served as a focal point for feminist protest. Suffragists also broke Wallace’s sword case, which contained it. They also used a rock to smash the glass. The rock had a message describing how the sword is a symbol of liberty and how women need to gain their own freedom.

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Sterling Council Spokesperson Called the Incident “Shameful”

One of the rocks allegedly used to smash the Wallace Sword’s case.


The incident by climate activists was “shameful”, according to a Sterling Council spokesperson. “We are currently assessing whether there is any damage to the historic Wallace Sword and the cost of repairs”, the spokesperson said. He also said the sword probably won’t be on display for at least a few weeks.


Police reinforcement arrested the protesters connected to this action. The Stirling Council condemns the deplorable act of vandalism on one of Scotland’s greatest treasures that took place at the National Wallace Monument. Staff members reacted in accordance with security procedures, and police were contacted to handle the despicable situation.


Climate Activists
The Wallace sword


A Police Scotland spokesperson said: “We received a report of damage to a glass case at the Wallace Monument, Hillfoots Road, Stirling, around noon on Thursday, March 2. Officers attended and a man and a woman have been arrested in connection and enquiries are ongoing”.

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