Banksy Show Opens in Glasgow After Pause of 14 Years

Banksy Show Tittled “Cut & Run" Will Open in Glasgow, Scotland for the First Time After 14 Years of Pause.

Jun 18, 2023By Angela Davic, News, Discoveries, In-depth Reporting, and Analysis
Banksy Show
Banksy: Cut and Run. Via Glasgowlife


Banksy’s show will open in Glasgow, for the first time since 2009. He enters the art scene with an exhibition called “Cut & Run”. The famous street artist authorized the exhibition, which means the public will be able to see his work in a “different environment”. The show will run at the Gallery of Modern Art, from 18th Jun to 28th August.


Banksy’s Show: Unique Paintings and Stencils

Banksy's Migrant Rescue
Banksy helps fund the operations of the MV Louise Michel, a former French naval boat © Thomas Lohnes/AFP/Getty Images


The exhibition certainly offers unique content – paintings and stencils that the street artist uses to create his works, and by which he is recognizable. The audience can witness the artist’s work from 1998 until today – even the actual toilet. Banksy explained why he “kept the stencils hidden as if under lock and key”.


“I kept these stencils hidden away for years, mindful they could be used as evidence in a charge of criminal damage”, Banksy explained. He believes those moments passed, so they will now be exhibited as a work of art. “I’m not sure which is the greater crime”, he also said. The aim of the exhibition is to show the process of creating works of art.


Banksy Show


Many among the artist’s well-known pieces, such as Kissing Coppers, which initially appeared on the facade of the Prince Albert bar in Brighton in 2004, were recreated using unique decals. Also, there is the 2014 Bristol artwork “Mobile Lovers” which shows a couple cuddling as each is staring at their phone over the other’s shoulder.

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Why Banksy Chose Glasgow?

The Domestic Violence Mural
The chest freezer from Banksy’s latest mural, Valentine’s Day Mascara, removed for a second time.


Banksy show will also include Stormzy’s unity jack stabbing vest from his Glastonbury 2019 headlining performance. There is also a work involving a pillow dispute among an Israeli soldier and a Palestinian citizen. Banksy even included a thorough model demonstrating how Banksy destroyed his Girl With Balloon painting.


But why the artists chose Glasgow for his exhibiton? He especially selected the Glasgow location due to the Duke of Wellington monument outside the gallery, which had a traffic cone installed on top of it by the municipal government for at least four decades. The tag in the exhibit demonstrates how highly Banksy values renegade Glaswegian action.


Artist Banksy’s work


“Welcome”, it reads. “If nothing else, you are going to see one masterpiece today – you just walked by it. For anyone who isn’t aware – the statue out the front has had a cone on its head continuously for the past 40 odd years. Despite the best efforts of the council and police, every time one is removed another takes its place”.

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