Cybele, Isis and Mithras: The Mysterious Cult Religion in Ancient Rome

The Eastern cults of Cybele, Isis and Mithras played important roles in religion in ancient Rome. Discover how their symbolism and mysterious practices offered their followers a new religious experience.

Aug 19, 2020By Laura Hayward, MA Classics, PGCE Classics, BA Latin with Greek
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By Laura HaywardMA Classics, PGCE Classics, BA Latin with GreekLaura Hayward is a contributing writer and researcher from London, UK. She is a specialist in the field of Classics, in which she has either studied or worked for over twenty years. She holds a B.A. and M.A. in Classics from University College London. She has also worked as a teacher of Classics in a leading independent school in London. Her particular areas of interest are Latin language and literature as well as Roman art and epigraphy.