New Warhol Exhibition Reveals Rare Art Treasures

New Warhol Exhibition "Beyond the Brand", Taking Place at Halcyon Gallery, Reveals Rarely-Seen Art Treasures.

Jan 21, 2024By Angela Davic, News, Discoveries, In-depth Reporting, and Analysis
New Warhol Exhibition
‘Beyond the Brand’ exhibition at Halcyon Gallery. Via creativeboom.


New Warhol exhibition, called “Beyond the Brand”, is taking place at the Halcyon Gallery in London. The exhibit started on January 18 and will last until March 24. The show honours his singular and revolutionary impact on the history of art. Many of his iconic pieces from across his career are available for view. In this, the public will have a unique chance to take a look at rare pieces.


New Warhol Exhibition Celebrates Pop Art

New Warhol Exhibition
Campbell’s Soup Can (Tomato), Screenprint in colours on a paper bag, 1966. This artwork is on show at Halcyon Gallery.


This is a unique chance to take a look at original paintings from his Ads series. Beyond the Brand will feature every one of Warhol‘s visual creations. Also, it will show off the incredible force of his distinct creative mind. Unlike any other creator in history, the artist in question studied the nexus of art and business. This is an influence that remains strong to this very day. His ads collection best exemplified this fluidity.


Ads that recreated well-known commercials for companies include Apple, Volkswagen, and Chanel No. 5. As art historian and museum curator Joachim Pissarro’s accompanying essay explains: “Ads is a masterful culmination of Warhol’s career-long interest in the blurred lines between commercialism and fine art, and it resituates these omnipresent themes into a new state-of-the-art array consonant with this late era’s zeitgeist”.


New Warhol Exhibition
Ads: Chanel, 1985. This artwork is on show at Halcyon Gallery.


Several of Warhol’s most well-known print packs will be on exhibit alongside the Ads series. This includes Marilyn Monroe, Queen Elizabeth II, Chairman Mao, Muhammad Ali and the Endangered Species collection. Other highlights include Warhol’s portrait of football legend Pelé. There is also his painting of Mount Vesuvius and a canvas depicting a watch by Swiss brand Rado.

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The Fusion of Fine Art and Graffiti Art

Campbell's Soup I, 1968
Campbell’s Soup I, 1968 (detail). This artwork is on show at Halcyon Gallery.


Perhaps his best-known works were his famed Soup Cans. This piece represents Pop Art’s glorification of commonplace items and popular culture. Up until Pop Art, high culture was the focus of art, while low culture was the focus of commerce. The two appear to be diametrically opposing. This kind of union between the two was genuinely innovative. Visitors can now view these famous pieces of art in person at 29 New Bond Street, the gallery’s modest display room.


Ephemera demonstrating the remarkable influence of the artist’s most well-known theme on culture is on display alongside them. These pieces demonstrate Warhol’s enormous effect on creators such as Haring and Jean Michel-Basquiat. This immersive environment celebrates the fusion of fine art and graffiti art, drawing influence from Haring’s “Pop Shop”.


 marilyn monroe colour
Untitled from Marilyn Monroe, 1967, via MoMA, New York.


“This exhibition is a comprehensive overview of Warhol’s creative life, from his earliest artworks and illustrations to the last works he ever produced,” says Kate Brown, creative director and curator at the gallery. “Visitors will be given an overarching view of his entire career, including the chance to see many of his iconic portfolios in their entirety”.

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