Jacqueline Lewis

Jacqueline Lewis
Jacqueline Lewis is a History of Art & Architecture graduate. While studying art, she worked in the research department of The Chicago History Museum and wrote articles for Chicago Gallery News. Now, she is the Assistant Director of a long-standing, prestigious art gallery in Chicago. Throughout the year she works at major art events like the New York IFPDA Print Fair, SOFA and EXPO Chicago. She also writes and publishes articles about the art scene and historical topics.

Famous Art Couples: 10 Influential Pairs In Art History

  Famous artists are often eclectic and captivating individuals. They often spend time with fellow creatives, building close friendships, and sometimes romantic relationships. Due to...

Giovanni Battista Piranesi: 12 Interesting Facts

Piranesi is considered one of the most accomplished printmakers of the 18th century. His Views of Rome brought Rome to the rest of Europe and his Imaginary Prisons influenced future movements.

Hugo Ball: Founder Of The Dada Movement

Hugo Ball was a German artist who focused his creativity on performing arts. He opened Cabaret Voltaire a performing arts space that became, essentially, the beginnings of the Dada movement.

Here Are The Top 7 Most Influential Roman Emperors

To this day there is a mystique surrounding the idea of Roman Emperors. Movies are made depicting everything from their powerful military achievements to their opulence and insanity.

The Never-ending Shroud of Turin Debate

Researchers argue about The Shroud’s miraculous authenticity. Many approach their research with predetermined results in mind and ignore anything that goes against their desired conclusion while emphasizing any study that supports

Dada: The Movement that Shook Art to the Core

Dada was an international art movement originating in the early 20th century. It created absurd, nihilistic and sometimes incomprehensible art. Dada blurred the lines between visual, performance, and literary arts

The Collector’s Guide for the Art Fair

As a gallerist who frequently works at large scale fairs, I have picked up a few tips of the trade. I have compiled a few of these tricks in a list for newer collectors and for professionals who need a quick review.

10 Facts about Mark Rothko, The Multiform Father

Mark Rothko in his studio in front of his painting No. 7, 1960 Markus Rothkowitz (commonly known as Mark Rothko) was an Abstract Expressionist painter

Horst P. Horst the Avant-Garde Fashion Photographer

Horst P. Horst was a German born, American photographer during the 20th century. He is best known for his work as a fashion photographer

10 Famous 20th Century French Painters

France, specifically Paris, is known as a cultural mecca. People from all over the world picture scenes of creativity and artistic activity when they think of the country.

Wassily Kandinsky: The Father of Abstraction

Wassily Kandinsky was a Russian artist known for his artistic theories and innovation. He viewed art as a spiritual vehicle and the artist as a prophet. Kandinsky was the first known

Baroque and Rococo Art compared: The Masculine and the Feminine

The Baroque and Rococo art movements began in Europe and have notable similarities. Both are recognized for their elaborate decoration and attention to detail.

The Mystery behind DaVinci’s Salvator Mundi

Leonardo DaVinci’s painting Salvator Mundi (c. 1500) shattered past auction records. Including the buyer’s premium, the painting reached a whopping $450.3 million.

What Gives Prints their value?

Prints on the market can range anywhere from a computer-printed version of the Mona Lisa in the Louvre gift shop to a Picasso linocut that is valued near a million dollars.