Banksy-Inspired Artwork Popped Up in Glasgow

Banksy-Inspired Graffiti Artwork Popped Up in Glasgow City Centre, Close to Banksy's 'Cut and Run' Exhibition.

Jun 25, 2023By Angela Davic, News, Discoveries, In-depth Reporting, and Analysis
Banksy-Inspired Graffiti
A possible Banksy artwork spotted just off Buchanan Street in Glasgow (Image: Scott McQueen)


Banksy-inspired graffiti art appeared overnight in Glasgow. There were speculations that the art piece is actually Banksy’s work, because his ‘Cut and Run’ exhibition is happening near the place where the graffiti appeared. But, they are untrue, a street artist’s studio stated. The artworks are only imitations.


Banksy-Inspired Graffiti Shows Banksy’s Symbol – Rats

The lane between Buchanan Street and Queen StreetCredit: Scottish Sun


The street graffiti shows rats, which are the artistic symbol of Banksy. But, the studio says this trademark is only an imitation. An additional reason for believing this is the work of an anonymous British artist, in addition to rats, is his exhibition happening nearby. The street artist opened the “Cut and Run” exhibition last week at Glasgow’s Gallery of Modern Art.


Crowds gathered this morning on Springfield Court, located just off of Buchanan Street in Glasgow, to take a peak at the art. The newly released artwork features a rat pounding an unusable drum with the words “God Save the King” over it. The rat seized in a trap is also sporting a sash and a Union Jack headpiece and shows a rolled up copy of The Sun newspaper.


Crowds began to gather to look at the new pieceCredit: Les Gallagher


People find it strange Banksy is holding his first exhibition after 18 years, and then suddenly they see art similar to his on the streets. Various speculations are also circulating on social networks. But Glasgow City Council said the art is fake. Anyone who wants to be certain of viewing a true Banksy should head to the exhibition at GoMA [Gallery of Modern Art]“, a spokesman for the council said.

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What Witnesses Think?

Banksy: Cut and Run. Via Glasgowlife


A few meters away from the exhibition, keen-eyed waitress Carrie Hughes, 22, of Glasgow, saw a small inscribed piece of art. It was set up on the border of the alley going out to Queen Street.  But barely a day after the new image emerged, it vanished. Now, a fresh work of art honoring the tale, emerged nearby its initial location. This took place when the Scottish Sun contacted the mysterious artist to confirm the information.


However, the discovery of the new rat seemed purely accidental as workmen already started painting across it. We saw workers painting over the art work. We got them to stop as these paintings are for the public”, one witness said. Later in the day, the rat’s paint came off and it started garnering Glasgow people’ gaze. One worker said: “This is amazing he is in the city, I’m sure more will show up now”.


Banksy shared pictures of the mural and its demise on his Instagram page.(Instagram: Banksy)


The artist stated they will not authenticate street art for public sale, so it is unclear if the piece was a genuine Banksy. The official web page of Banksy, Pest Control, allows for the verification of his pieces .

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