The Tate Britain Redirects Its Focus on Women Artists

The Tate Britain Decided to Redirect Its Focus on Women Artists Through the Galleries Rehang, With the Unveilment Taking Place on 23 May 2023.

Feb 20, 2023By Angela Davic, News, Discoveries, In-depth Reporting, and Analysis
The Tate Britain
The Tate Britain


The Tate Britain decided to redirect its focus on women artists. This is part of the new museum’s project. This project will bring big changes to the museum’s work. Overall, the museum announced earlier this week a huge rehang of its galleries. With these changes, female artists from the 17th century will include 50% of the collection.


The Tate Britain: Classics Combined With New Acquisitions

The Tate Britain
The Tate Britain


When we talk about the new rehang at The Tate Britain, it is important to say this is the first one in a decade. The forthcoming rehang of its collection will include 800 works and more than 350 artists. Also, half of displaying artists will be women. The museum’s representatives spoke about the importance of showing the wealth of Britain’s art diversity.


“Tate Britain’s new displays will embody our commitment to expanding the canon and diversifying British art history”, said Polly Staple, director of the museum’s British art collection. He also said they enriched the Tate with new works of art. Also, the museum will show a beautiful variety of old classics combined with new acquisitions.


Joan Carlile
Joan Carlile’s ‘Portrait Of An Unknown Lady’ Photograph: Tate/PA


The Tate this time decided to focus on women from different eras and centuries, including art from 500 years ago. Many of them will get their place at the museum for the first time. Also, many historically important artworks and artists will have a chance to be seen by the public. This includes John Constable and Henry Moore. When it comes to women, Bridget Riley, Tracey Emin, and Kudzanai-Violet Hwami will be a very important part of the collection.

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New Project at the Tate, Reflecting on British History

The Tate Britain
The Tate Britain


Alongside old and already acknowledged artists, there will be space for new ones. This enables a spotlight for the colorful acrylics of Rachel Jones. The focus will also be on photography. This includes an amazing work by non-binary artist Rene Matić. The goal of this rehang is to delve deeper into the narrative of British art. Tate Britain Director, Alex Farquharson, says we should consider “how it speaks to us, challenges us, and inspires us”.


Andrea Schlieker, Director of Exhibitions and Displays at Tate Britain, says this exhibition can help us reflect on the past and see a future clearer. The museum will also show work by Joan Carlile. She is the first female professional painter. Moreover, the Tate purchased 29 acrylics by Emily Sargent in 2021.


Rene Matic
A photograph by Rene Matic titled, ‘Chiddy Doing Rene’s hair’ Photograph: Rene Matic/Tate/Sonal Bakrania/PA


Although this is a big change, it is not the only undertaking by The Tate Britain. In order to correctly represent contemporary society norms through this collection, the museum will launch another project in May. The goal is to discuss the relationship between national collection artworks and the country’s legacy of colonization and the slave trade.

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