Learning The Difference: Retro, Vintage, Antique, and Antiquity Explained

There are different types of items of the past. Antiquities are the oldest in recorded history and retro to the most recent decades. Vintage and antique are somewhere in between.

Sep 2, 2020By Jacqueline Martinez
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By Jacqueline MartinezJacqueline Martinez graduated with her BA in English (Writing & Rhetoric, to be fancy) in 2019. During her time in college, she worked in a Miami-based art gallery. She has attended major art fairs like Art Basel and Art Miami, recording new exhibitions and art trends in her articles. In 2018, she studied abroad in France, where she learned about art history in some of the world’s major museums. Since graduating, she has aimed to keep learning while passing on her experiences to those who are novices like she once was.